Fun and games

Today I was up and at ’em. early but still didn’t get to the school room till around 10am!
There always seems to be something gets in the way.
Not to worry, the children had a good session.
Had a closer look at Mercury & Venus today.

Did you know that it takes Venus 243 earth days to rotate on its axis and only 225 earth days to orbit the sun?
In other words it’s day is longer than it’s year

Just a bit of useless information for you to store in the grey matter for next time you want to startle someone with your amazing genius

The sun was streaming into the school room by 11am so Shannie had to spread herself across the desks on the other side of the room to bathe in the sunshine. She was continually asking if they could have a break cuz she just had to get out side while the sun was out. She forgot that she had only been in the school room for a scant hour!

The all headed outside after lunch. For once I was organised and had a very yummy soup made before school – maybe that was why we started late?? Tomato, carrot and swede. I added cayenne, parsley and coconut cream. Man it was good! My normal pumpkin soup is great but it is nice to have a change in variety.

I actually made a few cards this afternoon. Am still struggling with a lack of inspiration so just tiddling around. Am in the process of something pretty cool at the mo so maybe I am on the up and up again.

Tonight after dinner the children decided to attack Seb and Tim with hair brushes. Normally it is me Azzan hair dressers, but tonight he decided Seb needing some help. So while Seb was trying to read a book Azzan was trying to get rid of tangles – or as I normally experience when he does my hair – make tangles

It was funny to watch the faces while the beauty treatment was happening. Wish I had videod it. Anyway, when Seb finished the book he decided Azzan had done enough and he took the comb off him and threw it away. Azzan promptly booted him in the gut. It was so fast and impromptu that Seb didn’t realise it was coming. We were on the floor in stitches! It all ended up in a giggling match with Azzan trying to get away from his big bro.

PICT2408 PICT2409
PICT2410 PICT2411
PICT2412 PICT2413
PICT2414 PICT2415

Just off to watch a movie – someone left it here with no cover so no idea what it is about except that it has Kirk Douglas, so should be ok!

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