It rained today….

so I have a Chinese laundry here – and as I said before, not my favourite way to decorate my living room.

I had hung the washing on the line although it was looking a bit bleakish. The past two mornings have given us red skies but no rain so why expect it today? Well, it came about an hour later so I tore out and grabbed it all and found the clothes horse and managed to squeeze it all around the fire. Trouble is that it is not that cold so we don’t need the fire to be blazing too hot so it is taking an age to dry everything

I assigned specific chores today. Seb took Shannie to the bathroom to teach her how to clean it properly. I specifically wanted him to show her the correct way to clean the toilet because she is going to be my right hand cleaning lady this summer in the tourist accommodation. So what does he do? Gets her to do the bath and hand basin and he does the shower and toilet – duh! Well, I guess there is always next week

Nathan disappeared before he got his job delegated. He went down and helped Tim kill sheep. Way more in his line of expertise. I decided it was time to clean out the first aid shelves. Had a huge biff out of expired items and sorted out what I needed/wanted and tidied everything in the pantry. Took a while so I didn’t get to stop for breakfast until nearly midday so skipped lunch.

I was able to do a spot more art work, then had a catch up with Jesika and Cat on the phone. Cat is staying with Sasha for the weekend in Invergiggle (Invercargill to you foreigners) and I had to call Sasha with a message from Jesika – so good timing to chat to them all.

I had lots of fun cooking dinner tonight. Decided sausages and roast pumpkin was a bit boring and as I am getting limited with fresh groceries I decided it was time to haul out some recipe books. Found my brand new ‘Moosewood Cookbook I bought with my birthday vouchers and had a browse. (I have nearly worn out my 25yr old copy so was thrilled to find the new edition) Greek Pilaff looked good so I improvised slightly, changed the celery for capsicum and carrot – very tasty. About 6pm I decided we needed just a little something more to add to the meal so browsed the pages some more and found Zucchini and Feta fritters. Man! They were good. The whole meal went down a treat. Mahalia told me when she had finished that ‘I’m replete Mummy’. You see I do teach them good manners even if they don’t know much else

Seb and I spent the rest of the evening shut in my study working on another of his English books. He had to write formal letters and emails, and have them all laid out properly with no spelling or punctuation errors etc. So this time he typed them up on my computer so he could change them if needed and use the spell check. As well as that it means his teacher doesn’t have to try and work out his hand writing He has now finished three books this week that he had to redo. Here’s hoping he passes the units this time. If he doesn’t there will be trouble cuz I have literally walked him through each book, page by page to make sure he answers each question properly and completely. He tends to flit from page to page without comprehending it all properly and needs to be made to walk in a straight line!

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