Last chat before August!

Where has July gone to?
Darned if I know – sorta seems to have been swallowed up along with June
Tomorrow is the 31st and I am off to Nelson with the children so this will be my last posting for July.

Yesterday we spent the day with some neighbours.
They only live half an hour away.
We pass their place everytime we go to town.
They have lived there 5 years.
And……… was the first time we had been to visit them.
Isn’t that shocking

It was a wet day so just the best sorta day to socialise. When we got there the children and Tim went out with Ken to check out the bull. He had bought it off Tim a few months back and they just wanted to make sure he was doing his stuff!

When they got back the guys cranked up the bbq and cooked a heap of meat. We had venison steak, chicken drumsticks, venison & mutton sausages, meat patties, whitebait fritters – so good

By the time we were eating the rain was coming in steadily so no more outside chat. We spent a lovely afternoon together and never got back home till near on dark. Nathan opened a few cans of baked beans which were eaten with leftovers. No-one was particularly hungry for some reason!

Today was wet again so more washing hanging around the fire. Tim has called our neighbourly electrician who installed the dryer for us and he is going to come check it out tomorrow. Judging by the fuse it could be a fairly major problem. The fuse is totally burned out – could’ve been a serious fire on our hands. I think the Lord was watching over us on this occasion.

Sky is proving to be a bit of a Houdini. Tim & Nathan have been trying to construct a kennel and run for her up by the dog kennels. But she hates being away from the house. She is totally amazing as to how she gets out. Tim watched her at one stage literally climbing up the wire at the corner of the cage, She is one clever dog. Tim is looking at her in a positive light – if she is this smart now then she is going to be one terrific cattle dog!

Had a few chats with Jesika on the phone today which was good. Once she begins work I dare say the phone calls will be less. It is hard to get in touch with Brianna because when she is working they are often out in the bush.

Anson arrived home tonight – the children were all over him. They do so enjoy seeing their older siblings.
The children and I have been packing this afternoon. We are leaving here around 7am for a week in Nelson. We have appointments and social functions and home school things to do etc. The three days increased to 5 because Anson so wanted Tim & I to come watch he and Seb playing rugby on Saturday. As it is the last game of the season I figured I would brave the concrete jungle with four children and stay out long enough to watch the game.

Here’s where I found Azzan this afternoon. He enjoys finding hidey hole caves and this would have to be his favourite spot. Behind the sofa surrounded by books! My little book worm


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