A weeks roundup.

Can’t believe I haven’t updated for nearly a week!
I have been busy but not busy busy – been doing stuff but not chaotic.

We got home Sat….
unpacked etc.

Sunday I got up late and then wallowed in the bath for some time. It is the best place to go hide with my book and ‘they’ can’t annoy me One of those tricks that mothers learn along the way Rest of the day was fairly cruisy.

Spent the rest of the week doing some school work. Just enough to say we had been doing it.
The children have spent a lot of time outdoors. The sunny deck is very inviting. They have the huge box from the wood fire out there now.

I made them spend Monday cleaning up their rooms and the box was taking up too much room. So it is now outside and being used for all sorts of things. Even Nathan has used it for a hidey hole to curl up and read in.

Shannie has been digging her garden over. She is wanting to plant seeds – I will have to get some soon. The ground is still a bit cold s she can do some more preparation digging.

Got Nathan started on his Astronomy. He is using an Apologia book which looks really interesting. Just a good balance of reading and things to do. Because we are due for a Lunar Eclipse on the 28th August he is starting with the chapter about the moon. It will be the last lunar eclipse we see from NZ for 7 years so we must make sure we go up the hill to see it. Nathan is threatening to take his sleeping bag up so he can watch the whole thing. I think it is at full eclipse around 10:30pm. Seb bought home a Solar system kit for Nathan to construct – it is really great. He has to paint it and then it is strung up as a mobile.

Everytime we go outside Skye the puppy jumps all over us. She is a real pain. She is just very playful and excitable. Mum found her a bit daunting so started checking which doorway she was at so she could go out the other. One day Mum was going out the back door when the children called out ‘Watch out Granny – enemy approaching’! She is still chuckling over that one.

Seb went out to Nelson for his weekly basketball coaching. Sounds like he may get into a game next week. He managed to get himself a speeding ticket this trip. His trips are beginning to get rather expensive! 3 trips have cost him around $1000. He tells me he is a quick learner so hopefully he is and he doesn’t make those same mistakes again. I guess there are plenty more things on their books though that the cops can pull him up for!

Tim and Granny left for Blenheim at 5:30am Wednesday. She said her farewells to the children on Tues night as they would hopefully be asleep when she left.
PICT2776 Tim had yet another mussel mediation hearing. They are beginning to get rather tedious now. Hopefully the opposition will start to see reason soon – however I doubt they will so I guess we will have more to look forward to.

Shannie succumbed to ‘the bug’ last night but is fine today. Just heard Granny got it too which is a bummer.

Had a visit from Wayne from Accounts Online. He arrived Wed night and we spent several hours last night and then many hours this morning getting my computer and accounts sorted. He was fantastic. So glad he came in. We could never have gotten all we did sorted if I had met him in town. Tim was laughing cuz I was getting excited about being able to file my gst online and pay online too. Hadn’t got that sussed before. He reckoned he had never seen anyone get excited about the IRD before! I was just thrilled to learn something new and also to know that I don’t have to rely on snail mail any more to get my returns in on time.

Wayne also insisted on giving Tim a run through – a laugh really as he is not at all computer literate. But when Wayne showed him how he could access the various ledgers etc. and he could see how things were progressing or not, he was rapt. He actually got quite excited about it all

I have managed to get a few cards made the past few days. Been making a heap from one stamp. Had lots of fun playing with different backgrounds I have made in the past.

I have also finally got some of my books on to TradeMe to sell. I was rapt cuz I sold three in the first couple of days. Makes up for the many I have already bought. Cat just picked up 14 Bobbsey Twins books tonight for me in Chch – I got them all for $15.50 – pretty good eh? Shannie was very thrilled when I told her. She loves them.

She was still a bit peaky today and was getting bored so I gave her a Klutz book that I had bought a while back and had been saving for the right day. Well, did she have a great time. It is called ‘Paper fashions’. It has pages of stencils and ideas to create with. She had so much fun making cards with her models.

Had a chat with Jesika tonight – she is looking forward to a trip to Philip Island in a weeks time. Should be a good trip and nice to get a break from the city. Brianna called on Sunday – she keeps pretty busy at Camp Somerset so it is nice to catch up when she is back on base. Sunni emailed to let us know she has work now. She seems to be enjoying Vancouver more now she has work and they have plans to explore and travel during their time over there. Vancouver is a good hub for seeing a lot of the world from economically. Cat is making her way up the island after her time helping Jon with building his and Megan’s new house in Wanaka. She has been working for friends in north Canterbury for a few days this week and is soon moving north with Jen. They are travelling overland to Auckland as Jen is flying back to Belgium in a few weeks. Anson is back into shearing again – they had a bit of a lull with weather. He is always happier when he is working. Cell phones are surely wonderful things – all the children keep in touch so it really doesn’t feel like they are too far away.

I am off to town again – never home am I?
Well, this time it is for a girls weekend at Hanmer. Our good friend Ella has just turned 40 so we are having a luscious weekend soaking in the hot pools, eating good food, and anything else we might fancy once we get there. I have to leave around 5am as I have a warrant of fitness booked for the Safari before we leave.

Be back Sunday or Monday – See ya

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