A Girl’s Weekend – fun fun fun :-)

After hitting the hay at 1am I woke abruptly at 4:39am and was up, showered and on the road to Nelson by just after 6am Friday morning.

I had a good drive out and managed to get breaky, pass the Safari through it’s WoF before 9am. I made the most of my time waiting there to get some cards written. For some crazy reason, I make the cards but then never get time to write and post them. I whizzed up to drop some school books off for Estelle then onto Motupiko to wait for Ella at Phillipa’s.

We had a lovely leisurely chat – most of the family were sick with colds – hopefully I have managed to evade them all! Grant & Ella finally arrived. They had taken the scenic route We had a delicious lunch – kumara soup and foccaccia bread that Mandy had made, Grant then bundled all the little poppets into their van and headed home and Ella and I headed south. We had a good drive. Didn’t have to stop anywhere – it took 3hours so I was a bit stiff on arrival.

Ella’s friends were already at our holiday house so we unpacked and then spent the evening chilling out over nibbles and drinks. The other 4 were into make up and foot massages. I was quite weary after a short night and a long drive so I headed off to bed before 10pm. It was a very comfortable house – I was most fortunate to get a room with a big bed
all to myself. It was right above the lounge area though so the noise did travel up but I read by book and then couldn’t stay awake any longer.

Next morning 3 of the girls went walking. Ella cooked a yummy breaky for us and then I took her and Jules up to the horse trekking place. The rest of us went down the street to explore the shops. Then I went with Clare to check out the oldQueen Mary Hospital. It is such a shame to see it just left derelict. There is talk that it may be pulled down – such a shame as it is a beautiful building with a lovely sunny vantage. I had bought some books so started reading them while Clare took photos. By then it was time to head back and go get Ella and Jules. They had had a brilliant time – wished they had taken cameras!

Kerry & Clare had to leave to go back to their families. So after a quick snack the rest of us cruised back to the shops and spent a long time trying on swim suits. I had seen one in the morning but wasn’t in the mood to try any on. I found it again and a few others and after a try on of them all ended up with the first one I had chosen – how cool is that!

Cat & Jen arrived and off loaded a lot of her stuff into the Safari – her poor wee car was going to cave in under the weight! They didn’t stop long cuz they had to get to Takaka that night.

Two more friends – Rachel and Cathy, arrived with their SingStar thingee. So they stayed back and set it all up while the rest of us went to the hot pools to go try out our new togs, we spent a few hours wallowing in the heat – such a lovely way to pass the afternoon. The day had turned rather chilly by this stage so it was extra good to have only our heads out of water We had to head back and get changed as we were booked for dinner at 7:30pm. Got down to The Garden House Cafe to find the party before us hadn’t yet left. So we waited over drinks for about 30mins before being seated.
This is Ella on right with her Mum, Jill & sister, Amanda. They were staying in a motel but joined us for our daytime activities.
We had a fun evening – lots of very yummy food and a hilarious time.

This is Ella – not bad for 40 is she
I had to take a pic to show the family the necklace I bought for her from us all.
She also got a pretty cool pressie from her dh – a Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc classic bike. Her 14yr old son thinks she is now a lot more interesting

We have a very special mother/daughter/sister/friend relationship which began when she arrived on our doorstep 24 years ago.
We are both wondering where the years have gone since.
Life has had some interesting twists and turns – I am so enjoying having her back close again.

The girls had the SingStar cranked up full volume so they were in great form for the evening. I ended up going off to bed soon after 10pm as I had a headache.
Went to bed with them singing me off to sleep with Bob Marley “No Woman No Cry’ – interesting lullaby
Jesika text me at midnight – but I soon got back to sleep again.

Sunday morning we had to pack up but we didn’t have to clean – how cool was that?
The girls had decided they would pay a bit extra for cleaners to do the job. Best part of the weekend I reckon

Here are Jules, Lisa and Ella in front of our holiday home.

Ella and I went down to the shops and shopped up large while we waited for Jill & Mandy to arrive. Then we sat in the sun and enjoyed a very delicious breakfast at Mumbles cafe. We did a bit more shopping and then decided we really should head north again.

It was a beautiful day and we had a good run through the Lewis. Stopped briefly at Murchison and then found our way up the Owen River to where Anson was shearing. It was good to see him and the gang for a few minutes.

PICT2804_2 PICT2807_2

This is the view from the shed window – such hardship to work in places like this-!!

We met up with Grant in Hope and off loaded Ella back to her family. I was feeling pretty good so decided to zip around do the necessary things and head home. Picked up some B12 which Tim had gotten on the mailboat and then sent out with friends – visited my midwife and she gladly gave me the shot. I have to have a regime of them to see if they can get my levels up considerably. Am only just managing to keep my iron levels steady on the base line – they are not climbing very high so need some encouragement.

I grabbed some takeaway fish and left town at 7pm. By this time I was feeling rather tired and I had to stop half way home to rest my eyes. But managed to get back ok by around 10pm. I thought I would get home a day earlier than planned and surprise Tim but he had done some ringing around and sorta tracked me down. He was in bed but had left all the lights on so I guessed he had it figured.

Today, they children have been cleaning up amongst their playing. Did a few loads of washing, sorted mail, etc. I got the stock whip out and cracked Seb & Nathan into action with their school work. Also made a few more cards. So all in all it has been a good day.

I have been putting more books on TradeMe and have sold a few more so have to get them parceled up tomorrow for Seb to post.

That’s enough from me tonight – I’m off to try and find some zzzzz’z before midnight

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