Another busy day

Today the children have been industrious from dawn till dark.

I have not really seen a lot of them – apart form roping them in to do their chores.
Azzan was playing with his play-dough and bought me in his ‘really good stuff to eat’.


Somehow it didn’t look terribly appetising – maybe it was the colour
I managed to avoid having to eat very diplomatically.

Later on he sat and cracked walnuts on the hearth in front of the kitchen fire. He then bought me some to try – he had it in a container wrapped in a towel and I had to put my hand in and get a piece without looking – he called it cappuccino. The 3rd time I was offered some it was in water – he thought it was totally hilarious that I ate it cuz he had put soap in the water – what a boy-!!

Nathan has been doing his school work most of the day. Stopping to do chores when I needed something done.
I was really happy to catch up with my old school mate Jacqui, in Perth – we don’t get to chat often so we had a really good catch up this morning.

I made up a huge bin of muesli after lunch as we have nearly runout of the last batch and I knew that I wouldn’t much feel like tackling it on my return from town. It is always a good way to get my shopping list done. As I go through my pantry checking containers while I am getting out all the ingrediants. Also a good time to clean up the pantry!

Tim took the 3 children to Waterfall Bay and then up the hill mustering. They all walked back from the top of the hill.
No wonder Mahalia and Azzan were tired. They were rather fractious and were both very happy to crawl into bed tonight.

Azzan was rather distraught before dinner because no-one would play cards with him. (It was more the case that his rules were not that easy to sort out so no-one would be bothered.) He burst into tears while I was talking to Anson on the phone. Anson talked to him and he came off the phone laughing at the idea of Anson bringing home ice cream for them to eat all weekend while he baby sits – aren’t big bro’s wonderful

Tonight we watched ‘Holes’ while we ate dinner. It was quite funny and actually quite an intriguing story – just a wee bit complicated of a story-line for the little two to follow. So I had to put up with Azzan asking questions every few moments

That finished much later than their normal bedtime so I tucked them down while Tim made a phone call and then Anson arrived home.

Sorted out all the necessary things before he went off to bed.
Now I have to go pack my clothes.
We don’t have to leave at the crack of dawn now as the lawyer finally came back to us this arvo and said the hearing has been rescheduled. But we will probably be away around 7am.

I am off to Blenheim – going to see The Ten Tenors on Sat night in Blenheim – cool eh?
Tim & Nathan are meeting friends at the north end of the Heaphy track tomorrow night and then they are off on a 4 day tramp with them Sat morning.

2 thoughts on “Another busy day

  1. Raewyn dear ~ thank you SO much for the lovely, lovely card you sent in the mail.  I was SO excited to get it.  Morgan couldn’t believe that we got mail all the way from NZ!  You are very creative, and the card was just beautiful.  I love to get homemade cards.  I have the stuff to make them, but have not taken the time.  Perhaps I’ll make some during my month off!  3 more days of school and we’re done!  Woohoo!  We have a nice long holiday weekend in front of us, hopefully full of rest!  Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks again for the sweet card!
    Love to you ~ Kathy

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