Baking day

The most exciting thing to happen for Nathan yesterday was that he was finally allowed to light the new fire.
He has made it his personal responsibility to ensure there is enough wood stacked beside it to last an ice age, and he has successfully kept us all in furnace like conditions since the big match was lit last night
It really is living up to its endorsements though – it is amazing.
We are going to have to look into venting heat down to the bedrooms or else we are all going to be enjoying sauna like conditions

I couldn’t sleep this morning so was up before 4am and had some blissfully peaceful time making more cards and listening to the early morning radio.
Cat was up and gone before 6am – she had a days work on the oyster boat.
Tim left early to go get the rest of his boat trailer so he was gone most of the day.
Anson took Masa & Beat mustering.
Megu & Mahalia went around to clean The Croft.

I made raspberry and choc chip muffins and some wheat free bread for Tim & Cat.
The muffins disappeared very quickly so they must’ve been good.

The children all decided to bake too.
First Shoshannah made bread buns
I found them rising on the bench.
She had gone off mustering with the blokes.
I was thinking to myself – now this is an interesting colour for bread
When she got home I asked her what she had put in it – ‘Oh, I just added some cocoa’ she replied airily.
Only she could make chocolate bread and then allow everyone to enjoy it with pumpkin soup-!!
And they truly were enjoyed

Then Nathan wanted to make croissants
We ate them with our dinner. Very delicious they were too.
I had made curried sausages and eggs on rice and they went down well with that.

Mahalia had been wanting to bake a cake for days so finally she and Megu got together and made a chocolate cake.
They used up all 10 egg whites and the coffee mixture left over from the Tirimasu.
We have a special chocolate cake recipe that I inherited from Aunty Sandra many years ago – it is still our main recipe and it handled the improvisation very well today.
Mahalia was most proud to have finally baked her first cake and then iced it herself.
We had it for dessert and it was very yummy

Shannie was creating stories while all the afternoon baking was happening
Azzan enjoys listening to stories and music on cd. So he entertained me while I was making cards.
He told me he knows how to do the Boogie Woogie now

Then after all of that they took Megu for a big long walk.

It was a beautiful day and Shannie was jibbing at being inside.
Anson went to Pohunui in the dinghy – just hope it is calm for his return trip tomorrow.

Cat arrived home from work at lunch time so she and the guys carried on working on her bedroom extension. She is making great progress and as she typically does – fossicks for materials and then as she finds things her plans change and grow and develop into something quite different to first planned. The cave is turning into a mansion-!!

Well, I am off to Nelson tomorrow with Mahalia. We have a few appointments and a lunch date on Friday.
Be back Friday night – don’t miss me too much

5 thoughts on “Baking day

  1. I love all of the pictures.  I always do!  Way to go Mahalia!! That is her first cake of MANY I bet!! 🙂 You are going to have an entire home filled with cooks before you know it.  Spread the love this way as my girls love to cook and I don’t know much how myself!  I love Shannie’s hat, it fits her personality of how I think of her from what I see of her in pictures and hear of her through your words.  I wish Megu would have taken pictures from their walk!  I just am dying to drool over your home area more!  Be careful and enjoy your trip and lunch!!!  Cass

  2. We just substituted the normal amount of eggs – 4 I think – with the 10 whites.Then added the cup of coffee mix to the amount of milk needed.Cake turned out a really good.It was different to normal but then it was different to normal

  3. That stove looks great. I’m glad it works so well. We had one once that was not good at allowing a fire to be started, at keeping one going or at heating a room once a fire was established!

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