Our Girls Trip.

Mahalia and I have had a lovely girls trip to town.
We left Thursday around 7am. Had a fairly leisurely trip.
Stopped into see Syth – she is about 40mins from here and has the llamas. Mahalia was very sad to learn that two of the llamas had recently died.
We got to town around 11am, did a couple of things and then met Estelle for lunch.
Very handy having a cafe with electric power points – my phone was so close to flat.
We had a lovely lunch and then popped across the road to see browse the Save the Children gift shop.
They had some wonderful things in there.
Great place to find presents.

Left Estelle and went to do the rest of our chores.
We had appointments for haircuts mid afternoon. That was fun.
Mahalia had never had a pro cut before so it was most exciting for her.
She has lovely fine wispy curly baby hair and it was a real battlefield to get her hair unknotted.
She hated me attacking her with the hairbrush.
So I had suggested we bobbed her hair to give it a good start in the thickening up process.
Here she is before –
and during…
Lucie washed her hair
and Sandra cut it.

her baby curls hitting the floor
PICT2999 PICT3000

She was totally delighted with the results
Scroll down to see…

We got back to the motel at dinner time and as it was still light and early we got some fish and chips and went to visit Uncle Martin and Sylvia. We shared our dinners and had a lovely few hours catching up.
Mahalia was so tired that she curled up and went to sleep on my knee.
She is not a light weight to carry down stairs and get into the car-!!

We both had a good nights sleep and were up and rearing to go this morning.
We popped back into town to get some things for Tim.
Mahalia wanted to visit The Warehouse – she had seen some Kelly dolls riding elephants in Farmers but they were a bit too expensive.
We went searching The Warehouse but couldn’t find any so she chose some princess dolls. The I found the Kelly’s. It was a hard decision. She wavered back and forth and finally chose the Kelly dolls. One for her and one for Shannie. She said to me ‘Why do they make so many pretty things? It makes it so hard to choose.’!! (I actually popped the princess dolls in and hid them away for when I need a future reward.

We then zipped out to see Estelle briefly, then high tailed out to Tasman to see Golda and Albert. They are packing up their house and moving to Melbourne. So they are very kindly taking Jesika’s saxophone over to her.

Then it was time to head back to Mapua for lunch at The Village Inn with the Sounds ladies. Got there to find Ella had forgotten we were coming so we started without her.

PICT3002 PICT3003 PICT3009

She finally turned up on her motorbike.
her she is in her regalia with Mahalia – (like Hali’s haircut??)
PICT3005 PICT3008
She zipped back home to change and pick up the three little girls and came back to join us.
The twins are still adorable – Ava (on left) is walking – Brianna is just standing and walking around things.
Mahalia and Eden played games inside for a while

It was a great interlude to our day and nice to catch up with the other ladies.
Mahalia hadn’t been too sure about how she was going to enjoy the day or if she would know any of the ladies.
Hard to believe this is our neighbours we are talking about here – such a sad indictment on our busy lives that our kids don’t know who lives nearby anymore
Anyway, on the way back to town she said – ‘All those ladies that I didn’t know were really nice, weren’t they?’ I think she was quite chuffed cuz they made a bit of a fuss over her and when you are the youngest girl in a big family that is special.
She has been telling everyone who asks if she is the youngest that she is the youngest girl.
It is like she has just registered that that is an important place to fit-!!

We headed back into town after 3pm.
Got Hali to her dentist appointment and while she was busy there I took off to pick up groceries and veges.
Got back to find her entertaining James and Raewyn. She was helping them clean the clinic. They were most impressed with her.

By the time we had gotten pizza for dinner and chosen some hire dvd’s it was getting late.
We called into my midwife to get another B12 shot on the way.

Mahalia had slept most of the way and I sang along loudly to Neil Diamond and Boyzone
I just love some of their songs.
One in particular always reminds me of a special friend we knew about 10 years ago.
He was killed tragically when the farming equipment he was using impaled him.
This song was sung at his funeral – I had never heard it before and it just so touched me.
He was a very firm believing Christian and heaps of fun to have around.
I so miss him.

(This is lyrics from http://www.lyrics007.com)
Boyzone – No Matter What

No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true

No matter what they call us
However they attack
No matter where they take us
We’ll find our own way back

I can’t deny what I believe
I can’t be what I’m not
I know I’ll love forever
I know, no matter what

If only tears were laughter
If only night was day
If only prayers were answered
Then we would hear God say


And I will keep you safe and strong
And shelter from the storm
No matter where it’s barren
A dream is being born
No matter who they follow
No matter where they lead
No matter how they judge us
I’ll be everyone you need
No matter if the sun don’t shine
Or if the skies are blue
No matter what the end is
My life began with you

I can’t deny what I believe
I can’t be what I’m not
I know, I know
I know this love’s forever
That’s all that matters now
No matter what

Got home at 10pm.
Tim helped me unpack and is now snoring.
I guess I should be sending up a few zeds too.

It’s nice to be home

4 thoughts on “Our Girls Trip.

  1. No Kari – you have not missed anything I am not pregnant!!Funnily enough another woman asked me the same thing yesterday.My midwife, just happens to be the woman who has been my midwife for last three children.Prior to that I had doctors – I love my midwife to bits and she is now a good friend and is the only one I can get to give me these shots.I have a major anaemia problem and need these occassionally to help get my iron levels up.

  2. I am always anemic, wonder if those would help me.  Even taking the iron by mouth does not raise it so maybe I need those too?
    When I saw you  write midwife I was thinking “wait! what?!” lol
    Mahalia’s hair is precious! I love it!  SHe looks so much older though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  =))))  SHe will like that part though.  I am glad she is learning she has a special place in the family.  It is so important to feel you have your OWN PLACE .  :))  She is a special and beautiful girl.  How sweet for her to get Shannie a Kelley too. 
    I have to make this short, company is coming tonight!

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