A cruisy weekend

Saturday was spent getting the house clean.
The guys were out doing guy things – digging holes, bull dozing and building with Cat, etc.
Megu helped me clean and cook.
Anson and Beat went out in the dinghy and set a net before dinner.

At dinner time I was relating my conversation about Mahalia’s teeth with our dentist to Tim. Because he sits at one end and I am way down the other end with the noisy hoards in between sometimes it feels a bit like trying to yell across a rugby field – plus there is so much interjection it is often hard to get a straight conversation! Anyway, I was telling them about testing the ph levels in the mouth because if they are high they can cause tooth decay. And Mahalia’s saliva has a high ph reading which helps to explain why she has had so many problems with her teeth. Nathan was wanting to know how they test the ph levels – he made some comment about not liking needles and he wasn’t having any tests etc done…..

So I took that line and was telling him that they get a huge big long needle about 6-8″ long and that they insert it through your mouth into the glands which go right through past the inner ear and almost to the back of your head. I was eyeballing him while telling him this so wasn’t aware of Masa until Cat burst out laughing. She had been watching Masa’s face – he was swallowing my story hook line and sinker!!! She said his face was a right picture. I wished I had seen it but I was too busy reeling Nathan in

Today Tim took all the big people out scalloping and to get Anson’s net in – they left about 6:30am and were home by mid morning with a wonderful catch of fish and scallops. It has been wet off and on all day. Really nice to be getting such a gentle rain.

The three young ones didn’t want to go so after they had done their chores they watched ‘The Silver Brumby.’
I had stayed in bed till around 8:30am finishing the book I began last night. I had a shower while the kids were watching their movie. I have to do my weekly weigh in – so far so good. the scales are still decreasing so that is good. Not heaps but at least there is no gains for the past few weeks. After breakfast I crashed out in the bean bags by the fire and read the next book in the series. They were the two Karen Kingsbury books that had recently arrived from Amazon. They are the sort of books that you just have to read to the end and then when you get there you wish you weren’t finished yet!

Seb went out to town today as he has several courses to attend this week. The first, tomorrow is part one of the Chainsaw safety course. Then he is doing a two day Work Place First Aid course with Anson on Thurs/Fri. I have just bought him this tee shirt. He was quite chuffed at all the comments he got last time he wore it to town – here is his cool look – can’t smile for the camera – might crack it!
PICT3012 PICT3014

This afternoon Anson was on the receiving end of some tomfoolery with the little ones. I think he provoked it and he certainly wasn’t complaining about it.
PICT3015 PICT3016 PICT3017 PICT3018 PICT3019 PICT3020
Azzan was having a great time – he would stand back and then jump and land on both knees on Anson’s side. A lesser man would’ve been curled up in pain – but I guess it is good weight training

We had a very plentiful sea food meal tonight. Masa and Megu cooked a pasta dish and Anson cooked the fish and scallops. It was all very delicious. Cat went to work at 6am and spent all day harvesting oysters. She bought a few home for dinner but we had so much else they are on a rain check for tomorrow.

Nathan & Beat watched ‘Cinderella Man’ before dinner so after dinner I watched ‘Step it Up.’ I needed a chick flick after the violence of the previous one It was such a cool movie – I am now off to bed with warm fuzzies

4 thoughts on “A cruisy weekend

  1. I like your description of books that you have to read straight through to find out what happens and then you wish you weren’t done yet. I do that all the time and I hate it. It almost makes me stop reading at all. I get so caught up in a book I get nothing else done and make myself feel terrible, then I finish it, and am so engrossed I want it to keep going. And it always ends on a good note, so you want more… ADICTIVE 🙂
    I like the shirt as well 🙂

  2. OH I am SO with you on reading!  Last week Kenny watched the girls while I went into our room and closed the door reading.  I read for 6 1/2 hrs and later that night I told him it was one of my best nights ever!  I love to read and with little ones in our home it is rare I get to read uninterrupted that way.  Are those books about the Amish?  The author sounds familiar.  If so, I would enjoy them. I love the Amish culture. It is so intriguing!  Your kids have such fun personalities!  The tee shirt and that look is too funny!  They fit together – “At your Own Risk!”  giggle =))  What a handsome lil devil!  All this talk about your beautiful water there and the fish and oysters sends me completely into coveting!  lol
    Major big hugs!  Cass

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