A very busy noisy children day

We found Ella and Grant’s van parked right outside our back door this morning.
They had arrived around midnight so I am glad I didn’t wait up for them.

Our children have played all day. It has been fun to watch the interaction between the age groups. Some pairing off now and others in different pairs later.

Megu sorted out the linen cupboards for me and then I taught her how to make Pavlova. She then made two pumpkin cakes.

The chef at their restaurant sent them down a heap of food – we enjoyed chocolate brownie for morning tea.
Shannie and Eden ate theirs out in the sun under Nathan’s umbrella.

There was lots of giggles coming from the hall and in marched a trio playing some interesting musical instruments –
Hali on the sheeps horn, Shannie on the socks and Eden just giggled in tune

The twins are climbing anything that stands still long enough for them to get a grip so finally I got Nathan to bring down some baby toys from the attic to side track them. It was really cute to watch them – they are starting to actually play together – Ava decided to play carpet crabs for the pic while Brianna was more involved in the toys.

I got quite a lot more cards made this morning and then after lunch Ella got my baby back pack and we took off out for some fresh air. We went up to see how Cat’s new extension was progressing.
Megu spent the afternoon painting – this is what the ‘cave’ looks like from the front.
and from the back
Cat showing us where the driftwood was going to go – it is all done now, she’s a fast worker. I will get a pic of it to show you tomorrow.

Then Ella & Grant took the 3 little girls for a walk to The Croft.
I came back to the house and found Eli, Jesse and Nathan playing Settlers of Catan

I was a tad late getting on to dinner.
So while Ella went down to The Cottage to get some food for dinner Nathan baby sat the twins.
I heard him comment that it wasn’t that easy with two – one would be far easier to handle-!!
He did a great job though of reading to them and keeping them relatively quiet.
They sure are busy wee girls.

By the time Grant & Ella got back Shannie had Azzan & Eden in the bath and was reading them stories

The the twins were in too
Lots of fun and splashyness

Because dinner was late Nathan put ‘Flushed Away’ on for the children. We finally had a very yummy dinner and pavlova for desert.

We are expecting the electrician to come tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to use the spa real soon
On that note I think I should head off to bed – it is real late and all here have been sleeping for quite a while. It’s just begun raining again – we are getting some really nice gentle rain these past few days – and a southerly is pounding in on the beach. That should lull me off to sleep nicely

5 thoughts on “A very busy noisy children day

  1. I described her extension as a cave originally because that was what she planned it to be, but as with most things Cat does – they grow and change in the making. It is now a much large room that she can stand up in and she has a made a wine celler at the back too. It’s all very cool. It all depends on what materials etc she finds to build with as to how it all takes shape. I guess it is like when I am doing my art work – I have an idea in my head, I find materials and then the design grows and changes.Cat is a real artist in that sense – I just love watching things take shape from her hands

  2. Kari – I found a good description of Pavlova on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlova_(food) Of course there is absolutely no denying that it is a typically Kiwi desert – in fact The Kiwi desert. Mind you we do not eat it much – just for special occasions – but I had to teach Megu cause in Japan she is a baker of cakes It is very sweet and I cannot eat much these days – it tends to upset my internal workings. Generally if you have a ‘do’ then pavlova, fruit salad and trifle would be the typical desert to serve buffet style. And of course lashings of whipped cream

  3. What a fun time!  How long will you get to enjoy your visitors?  The twins are darling and it looks like your children just scooped all of the children up with love and helped take good care of them.  These pictures will be treasures for years to come for everyone there!  =o) All of your foods sound so yummy.  I do not know how to cook.  Mom never cooked.  I just honestly do not know how or what to cook!  Wish I could sit as your student for a bit!  =))  Love, Cass

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