a busy few days

Yesterday was a wet drizzly sort of day.
A southerly came in during the night so the temperatures have dropped considerably and the waves are pounding on the shore.

Tim spent all morning over at Waterfall Bay with the electrician. Finally found the fault that had put half the house’s 3 pin plugs out – easily sorted for now which was good.

Cat left for work only to be called back home due to bad weather cancelling harvesting fro the day. No complaints though as she was able to do more work on her hut extensions.

The children played and watched movies. Tim brought Richard & Michelle and their two back for a late lunch. After lunch Anson took everyone up the hill to do some skidder boarding.

Michelle and I chatted the afternoon away while Richard and Tim wired the spa pool up. They had to get a cable across the house through the attic. Tim didn’t enjoy that too much. He’s too big to be squeezing thru wee spaces for too long.

Everyone arrived back in time for dinner – all full of fresh air and funshine

After dinner they played a card game of Prince and Pauper – although Tim was a bit rusty on the rules. I had a chat to Jesika. She is so busy at the moment that it is hard to find convenient times when she and we are able to talk.

Today, the children have had a bit of a blob day. Watched movies, played a bit.
Cat had a day at work, Anson left with a load of timber and headed to town. Unloaded that at the mill for treatment and then back into Nelson. Tim and Masa went up the hill to help him load it up and then they went fencing.

Beat has spent the past two days doing renovations and building repairs. Megu has done lots of baking for us in between the normal laundry and house cleaning.

Nathan filled the spa pool up with hot water and we got it functioning. I had to so a succession of chemical additives each hour and now it is heating – hopefully.

Azzan went down around midday. He has a highish temp and was very droopy. He curled up on the sofa and watched movies and slept the afternoon away.

Mahalia and Shoshannah made box cars for the wee ones. The twins really enjoyed being towed about in them.

Ella played checkers with Eli and some help from Eden.

Nathan took charge of dinner.
He organised and prepared most of it.
Ella bought up the casserole and baked potatoes but Nathan did the rest with a little help from Masa & Megu.
He spent a while typing up the menu – he lost it twice because he hadn’t saved it and the computer got turned off accidentally

Anyway, here it is –

Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Casserole $8.50

Baked Potatoes $2.00

Potato Wedges $3.50

French bread $4.00

Baked Pumpkin $2.50

Mutton Chops 10.50

broccoli salad $4.50

desert – Mega mud puddle cake and custard

It was a rather random but yummy meal.

The 4 children ate Japanese style at the low table.
PICT3100 PICT3103
Interesting smiles eh?

I have just realised to my horror that the month will be finishing this weekend.
The horror story is this –
I thought I still had another week left to do the gst
I now realise I haven’t and I have to get it done in the next two days – and as Queen so aptly puts it

‘thunderbolt of lightning, very very frighting me’

Guess what I will be doing tomorrow

One thought on “a busy few days

  1. You guys have been BUSY!  It looks like you all are having a great visit with Ella & the kiddos though!  I loved the box cars — my kids would LOVE that!  =o) 
    ((I am printing out some menu ideas and studying them!))
    THank you for the encouragement!  Cass

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