A new kid and sick kids.

How fast do plans change?
Like the wind around here

Well, I had two days to do my gst and then Azzan got sick!

He started wilting on Wednesday afternoon. Developed a temperature and slept on the sofa. I unwisely had a late night and then he woke me at 12:30am – he was very hot and needed a drink. Then at 4:30am he came in crying with ear ache. I was fairly comatose and tried to comfort him with a cuddle. That didn’t work so I dragged myself out of bed to look for ear ache remedies.

The rest of the day I felt like a fonged out zombie. I had to get onto the accounts, I tucked him up on the sofa with a movie, he rested for a while and then not too long after I realised he was standing behind me crying. He was upset because he couldn’t find his shoe. He had gone and got dressed! I told him that no way was he going outside while he was sick. He winged and moaned that he was well now!

I convinced him to stay indoors. It was beautiful day and everyone else was outside but the air temp was cool. He wanted to watch a Little House on the Prairie so Megu & I and the girls watched it with him while we ate our lunch. I was very glad of some space to blob – the accounts and I were not getting along too well!

Then I sent the girls out to take Megu kayaking. When they got back Mahalia had a bath and then began complaining of a stomach ache and she also had a high temp. So Child 2 crashed! Then at dinner time I discovered that Megu had also gone to bed sick. So I had Azzan crying with ear ache and Mahalia crying with a tummy & head ache and also because Azzan was making so much noise! Between the spoonfuls of chopped garlic and honey followed by cranberry juice (a treat from Daddy’s medicinal supply used as a bribe), colloidal silver in their mouths and his ear, onion juice in his ear and lots of H2O to drink they seemed to settle somewhat. Well it would either kill or cure – eh?

Cat worked a full on day on the mussel boat – we had to wake her as her phone alarm had gone flat overnight and she had slept late, so she grabbed lunch and breakfast on the run. She didn’t get home till dinner time. Tim & the guys did some fencing, then he and Masa went bulldozing and moving fallen trees while Beat worked away on finishing the hut. He is doing a great job, the bathroom extension was begun around 6 years ago and never was completed properly so it is good to see it getting done now. Nate took Grant and the children fishing and then he and Ella loaded them all aboard for their return drive homeward in the late afternoon.

I gave Azzan a good dose of Paracetamol (hate using it but decided we both needed some sleep) and he was out to the count very quickly. Called a friend for some nurses advice on what to give Mahalia but by the time I got back to her she was very very sleepy and just happy for a cold wet cloth on her wee hot brow.

After dinner – a very quiet dinner – we watched Luther. It was an excellent account of the life of Martin Luther. I was so tired by the time it finished I crashed into bed hoping and praying for an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Azzan woke around 5:30am and came in to see us so I got up and left him and Tim to sleep a bit longer.

Cat went to work today to do some scuba diving. They had lost their mooring in the storm so she was employed to dive for it. She found it easily and then got paid for several extra hours to cover the dive time. She was pretty chuffed to get back so soon and have the day to carry on working on her hut.

Today the living room looked like this most of the day!
Megu came down to work – but after she had cleaned the Cottage and got the vege prep done she looked like death so I told her to rest – she slept the rest of the day away. Nathan cut up a pineapple for all the sickies and that went down well with them all.

Mahalia has had a very sore tummy all day, I suggested she have a soak in the bath for a while and that helped a little. The kiwifruit she then ate didn’t stay down too long though! She crashed out on the sofa again until Tim moved her to her own bed for the night.

Azzan’s earache seems to have improved although he did complain of it later tonight, but a warm hottie and some colloidal silver drops seem to have calmed him. He was happy to hop into my bed and watch a video. He was very grumpily and loudly yelling at me through the wall when it finished so I turned it off, told him off and went back to my work. He then curled up and slept on till we moved him into his own bed tonight.

Here’s hoping for them to be all well tomorrow.

So the past two days have merged between my accounts and keeping the sickies happy. Funnily enough as soon as I put on a movie for them their moans decreased immeasurably!

Seb arrived home this afternoon from his week in town. He was giving humerous accounts of the first aid course he and Anson attended. When I told him the children were sick – he was – ‘Right, I know what to do, I have just done a first aid course!’
‘First assess the scene…..’
He was also casting blame towards his mother tonight for his accident on the way home. He reckoned that it was the weight of all the fruit he had in his car that I had asked him to pick up which made his car unsteerable so he hit the bank. Couldn’t possibly entertain the idea that it might have been his driving at excessive speeds that could’ve been the probable cause

Look what Nathan & Masa caught while they were out mustering.
Looks like we have another baby.
PICT3110 PICT3113
Don’t you just love its quirky wee lop ear?
I am assured that once it is big enough it will be released as I was having horror thoughts of a desecrated garden.
Goats are way worse than sheep for destruction of vegetation

I am still finishing off my gst – am in phone and computer consultation with my accounts lady. Just have to get it emailed and paid before midnight. I am really pushing the final hour this time but with visitors and sick children life just hasn’t been to orderly.

Plus amongst all of this I have been on the phone to the spa pool guys – we are having major problems geting the pool working. There appears to be a problem with the heating electronics and it looks like they will have to send an electrician in next week to fix it.

What a blessing I can do it online now.

Right – I am off to get it finsihed and hopefuly get to bed before tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A new kid and sick kids.

  1. My sister used to exclaim, “What a circus!” at times like this. That was before she had children of her own and several of mine were unhappy at the same time. I hope all yours are well soon and that your accounts get all sorted out within the time allotted!

  2. I have a house of sick kids today, too.  Thankfully, though, we’ve no tummy troubles, just sniffs and sneezes.
    Laughing at Seb’s “First assess the scene…”  My sister brought a first aid DVD home from work a while back, and for a time that phrase was an easy joke.
    Hope your people are feeling better by now…

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