The end of another month

Why is it that I can never remember what happened yesterday?

I am sitting here struggling to think about what happened during the day.

I know I managed to make a card or two. I did do some more to the canvas I am working on.

I have just gone and picked Tim’s brains so here goes…..

Cat spent all day working on her hut. She has promised pics soon as it is nearly finished.
She was most bemused by a letter she received in the mail from Austria.
It was a very official letter written in German so thankfully Beat was able to translate.
It was a speeding ticket – apparently she got it May 2007.
Funnily enough that is when she and Anson were in Wyoming USA!!
So she is either a time traveller OR someone has used her name to get away with an offence. Which ever way it goes she has 2 weeks to pay or there are serious consequences. Like she won’t be able to visit Austria again.

Tim took everyone mustering in the morning.
I was busy in the study so by the time I got out to the kitchen it was quite late for lunch – like after 1:30 – but as no-one was around looking desperately hungry I decided to make three things that would feed the masses and last for several days. I made a big brew of Hummus, Iraqi Rice and Persian Couscous. It was a very late lunch but everyone was truly ready to eat by then.

Anson arrived home mid-afternoon bringing Estela with him. Remember her – she is from Brazil and spent several days with us in Christchurch and was also here wwoofing during the first school hols.

The children and I watched ‘Gorilla’s in the Mist’ about Dian Fossey.
Brilliant story. The children found it all a bit sad but it is good for them to realise that not all in life is happily ever after.

Masa & Megu cooked Okonomi Yaki for dinner.
It is a type of Japanese pancake with vegetables in it – it was enjoyed immensely by all. We had steak and salad with it.
PICT3114 PICT3115
This is the Okonomi Yaki in front of them.
Masa is not very good at having his photo taken – too much posing
I made a large lemon meringue pie to celebrate Megu & Masa’s last supper with us.

There was much hilarity again at the dinner table. Anson & Seb were in fine fettle relegating us with tales and quotes from their first aid course. I pity their tutor – he must have had a battle trying to keep the class sane with Anson in it. There was another guy in the class who he was joshing around with who was very dark skinned. One of the things they had to do was raise one hand in the air and lower the other down. Then bring them up level and tell what colour their hands were. They should’ve been white and red because of the blood supply thing. The dark guy looked at his hands and commented that his were still black!!

We were at one stage discussing why Nathan needed special lambs milk to feed the baby goat. And why it isn’t good to put them onto cows milk when very young. Seb said you know if they have been given cows milk when they start saying ‘Moooooo’! Estela didn’t click for a few seconds and then once it hit there was more laughter. It just went on and on but I cannot recall everything to share with you – sorry – you just have to be here !!

Anson had been shopping for birthday presents while in town. He’s a very generous fella and loves to shop for his younger siblings. He gave Shannie hers – much to her delight it was more City Lego – a large box
with a fuel station and vehicles and several people. Of course the giving involved much craziness too.
PICT3116 PICT3119

Anson had to try on the wee finger puppets Shannie had made, they are very cute and all have names.

All the older kids and wwoofers went over to Waterfall Bay to watch the World Cup rugby – All Blacks vs. Romania. We won 85-8 so are now in the quarter finals. This morning we discovered that they hadn’t long gone to bed. They all came back and had a party in Cat’s hut and hadn’t gone to bed till around 5am – so there were a lot of sorry looking people by the time they slowly surfaced mid morning.

Daylight saving began today – a week earlier than normal.
Herb and his Dad Graeme arrived in time for breakfast.
Then Masa & Megu packed up and left for there tramping trips around the South Island.
They said they will be back

The children are getting better. Mahalia all of a sudden made a rapid improvement at lunch time yesterday whereas Azzan, who had been good slid back again. Today he has been on the improve but still not too much into food and was just happy to cuddle up with Daddy for stories.

We had a changeover in The Cottage today so there was a mountain of washing.
It was extremely stormy, the best storm we’ve had in a while – mainly wind with some horizontal rain for most of the day. It was an act to keep the washing secured on the line but worth it with so much wind to dry it. We managed to get some washing dryish between showers and the rest went through the dryer. So there is now a mountain to fold tomorrow.

I finished the canvas I have been working on for the past few days. It is a present for a friend who is turning 21 soon. The girl in the pic is so like her it is uncanny.
It was really hard to get a good photo of it but you can get the idea of what it looks like.

The kittens are growing heaps now. Marco is a funny old cat – he seems have become the chief baby-sitter so their mother can go off shopping! Well, isn’t that what all young mothers prefer to do??

The girls were very quiet this morning – they spent hours in their bedroom with the Lego

This afternoon Azzan wanted to watch a movie so I put on ‘Ever After’ – it was such a good day for that one. I really enjoyed it. Hadn’t seen it all before so was nice to get the full story – now I know the true story of Cinderella

Despite there being 13 around the table tonight it was a lot quieter. Anson commented that it was quiet without Masa and Megu there. I rephrased that as – it was a lot quieter without Masa & Megu there for Anson to tease!!!

I am not too sure what is going on with my internet connection tonight – don’t know whether to blame, xtra or xanga or what – but talk about frustrating. I am getting the speed but nothing is happening. It took hours to actually get photos to load and nothing I do using Safari is happening easily. I have switched to Firefox and it seems better.

Well, I thought it was better but I couldn’t get the photos to come up so I have switched back to Safari to put them in the right places. Crazy! – it’s driving me nuts so I think I might just head off to bed and find my book. I am back to more of Torey Hayden’s books again.

2 thoughts on “The end of another month

  1. What an GORGEOUS canvas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is amazing and one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen and liked myself!  It’s fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like it’s busy at your house right now.  I am going to miss hearing about Megu and Masa.  They just seemed to fit right in with your family so well.
    Anson has such a sweet heart.  I love that he got his little sister something she loves!  He should be a very thoughtful husband one day to a lucky girl.
    Is it still storming there?  I love storms.  I hate lightning but love storms.  They are so relaxing!
    OH and the puppets are too cute but OUCH look at those blisters on poor Anson’s hands!

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