A very long and busy day

Well, you know what happens when you have a later night than you should and you have the alarm set for 5am?
Yes, that is the night that Azzan wakes at 3am crying 

I managed to stagger into his room to see what the trouble was – his duvet had fallen off his bed onto the floor and he was cold. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten to the stage yet of actually getting out of bed quietly and getting it back on! So I covered him up and went back to bed.

Only to have him come in for a warm up cuddle a 5-10mins later

He went back to sleep but it took me ages, I was really only just slipping back into dreamland when the alarm went off. I was up and dressed, had the car packed up and the girls up and dressed and he was still snoring with his Daddy when I pulled him out of bed at 5:30. He is a good lad though and wakes easily once he is standing.

We were gone well before 6am. Great start. It was blowing an absolute gale – I thought Shannie was going to get blown clean over to Wellington when she got out to open the gate. We had a good drive out. No one was sick – yahoo! It was raining off and on most of the morning but the afternoon came out really warm. Our morning was very busy – I had made a list and successfully got around all the appointments and jobs as I worked thru it systematically. Even was able to give Shannie and Hali an hour or two with their little girlfriends Kathryn & Sohpie between appointments while I zipped about doing other things. After Hali’s dentist appointment we whizzed thru the last few jobs on the way through Richmond and drove over the hill to Motupiko. The children were very glad to get out of the car and have the rest of the day to play with the Ashton children.

Phillipa and I chatted a bit and then zipped thru showers and headed back into Nelson to our home ed mothers night out. Picked up Chrissie on the way. Met up with Estelle and Ainsley. The 5 of us had a delicious meal at Smugglers Rest at Tahunanui. Estelle then had to buzz off to hear the Cornish mens choir and the rest of us joined the other 8 women who arrived then for our desert evening.

All in all it was a great night. My camera batteries died so I have no photos to share. But it was a wonderful restaurant – will be definitely going there again. Great atmosphere, friendly service and terrific food. It had the best and most diverse desert menu I have come across in a long time.

We got back home around 11pm. I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. But we sat up and talked over a cup of herb tea till around midnight.

This morning is bright and sunny. No wind as such today. It looks like it will be a good day for a drive south. Phillipa has taken the children down to her sister’s place so Shannie can see Angela’s chickens. She apparently has a heap and is right in to it. Shannie will be hugely inspired!

As soon as they get back we will pack up the car and head south.

Will check in as I can during the week.


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