We got here!

I didn’t quite get away form Motupiko as early as I had planned.
But it was ok.
The children had a lovely time down looking at Angela’s chicken’s. They were so excited cuz they saw an egg beginning to hatch out. When they got back they had a lovely time in the sandpit.

PICT3400 PICT3399

I finally had to call them to dust off the sand and get ready for our travels.
One last pic with Lydia and Jacob before we left at 11:30am.

The girls love to play spotting games – counting cars and trucks etc. Azzan joined into the I Spy game

‘I spy something beginning with ‘H’.’
We guessed all the things we could but to no avail.
the clues were rather random.
The last one being that it sounds like ‘sssssss’
I said but that is not ‘H’
We finally gave in and he gleefully said ‘It was Tap’
I said that tap didn’t begin with ‘H’ and it does not make the sssss sound.
He said ‘I forgot! But it does make ssssssssss when the water comes out’ – duh!

It took just an hour to Murchison – we got out to stretch our legs and I bought a South Island map book for Shannie – she loves to navigate for me. I do know how to get to where we were going but map reading skills are an excellent thing to learn and what better time to do it.

After the little ones had finished eating their ice blocks I told them to cuddle up with their blankets and sleep cuz we had a long drive ahead of us. And they did for quite a while. Even Shannie dozed off. The weather deteriorated the closer we got tot he Lewis Pass. We had rain for quite a lot of the way. There was also very very strong winds with signs warning of severe wind along the way. I got very dozey so had to pull over for a break just thru the Pass. I found my iPod so the four of us were all connected with one ear piece each singing our hearts out – well, I was anyway – to Vege Tales – On the Road Again. Great songs for travelling too.

We didn’t stop again until we got into Christchurch around 4pm. Then it was a quick fuel stop. And as it had come out very warm some more ice blocks were in order. By this time Azzan was reaching the end of his tether. He was getting rather stroppy. So I didn’t dally. We just zipped around the ring road straight to Alvin & Vonnie’s at Halswell. It was so good to unpack the car and just chill. I sent the children down to the playground at the end of the street but they didn’t stay too long. They were just happy to crash out in front of the TV for a bit before dinner.

So they have now had dinner, and a bath and are sound asleep in their beds.
I am just planning our day tomorrow and sorting out how we will fit everything into our week and then I will be off to bed too. After two very long days I am well and truly ready for a good sleep tonight.

3 thoughts on “We got here!

  1. That was a really fun looking sandbox!  I wish we had something like that-it gives me so many ideas!!Wow, you were sure busy, I wish I had half as much energy as you seem to.  I think I would get so much accomplished.  Have a great trip

  2. What a cool & creative sand pit!  AMAZING!  My kids would never want to come away from it!  Azzan being “stroppy” — lol.  He’s been a character on this trip!  LOL!  I LOVE how he was playing I Spy.  we do that always in the car to pass away the time!

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