Day 1 in Chch

We were all awake bright and early today.
Vonnie is gone by 7am and Alvin was on a later shift so I was quietly doing some emails and the children were all watching Animal Planet when he came out around 8am. They were watching a programme about bobcats and lynx so had plenty to tell me about them later on.

It took me a while to get myself organised.
The children ate their breakfasts and entertained Alvin while I had a shower.

Then we headed off into town.
I had bought a couple of MP3 players last time I was here and they just would not work with our iMac’s so I returned them – no hassles there so that was good.
We then drove across town to see Christine. Charlotte is home from Sydney and was sposed to be flying back with Mark yesterday but Arabella got an ear infection and couldn’t fly. That was a bonus for us cuz we got to spend some unexpected time with them today.

Arabella is so cute – she is 16months old now and was right in there with my children with the toys. It was great to watch the interaction. The Duplo was very popular and Shannie made a wonderful bus out of it which they all enjoyed playing with.

Two lovely ladies – Charlotte and Arabella

We then zipped over to Hands Ashford to find some hessian for Phillipa – she needed some for placemats for the wedding. Got that organised and then headed to Papanui to look for clothes for the girls to wear to the wedding. JK had nothing – everything is just too short and expensive. So we went across to Northlands Mall. It is so huge now – it takes forever to get from one end to the other. I thought we would have a quick look in The Warehouse. It was a total chamozzle as they were renovating the store. Found the girls clothes and Mahalia immediately found a dress which was perfect and she was delighted with it. Thankfully it fitted – she is borderline these days in her age group as she has growed so much lately-!!

Shannie took a while to find anything. Everything I could see was so short and tarty looking and she wanted something longer. Then I found another rack of clothes and a skirt – THE skirt. I called he over and showed her and she fell for it instantly. It was a crinkly peasant hippie type one in pinks and purples with greens and other colours scattered through the pattern. Then she found a caftan style green shirt with sequins around the cuffs and neckline. I just had to laugh – shades of her mothers 35 years ago – it is exactly what I would have chosen then-!! Anyway, she was very happy with her purchase We looked for sandals for her and Azzan – gave up and bought her a cheap pair of jandals as it had come out very warm and her feet were just too hot. We found nothing for Azzan. And by this time he was being rather difficult so I gave up and let him go barefoot. We whizzed thru the checkout ands tore down the mall to find Deirdre, my first flatmate from 31 years ago. She was at a conference in Chch and had escaped early to meet me. We had a enjoyable catchup over lunch and the children found a fun place to let off a bit of steam nearby.

After saying good-bye to her we headed back to the car – Azzan was getting beyond himself by this time. I had bought sushi for the girls and he wanted some. But he wanted to eat it with the chopsticks and threw a bit of a wobbly when Shannie wouldn’t let him. So I chucked him on board the shopping trolley and fled to the car. Once he was safely strapped in Hali placated him and he happily ate his piece of sushi and was smiling again.

We then called into see Catherine (Charlottes older sister) and her 4 – the three oldest had just gotten home from school. It was really funny – Shannie preferred to play with the Duplo in the hall with Thomas and Azzan

while Mahalia and Sophie did the little girl stuff in the front room.
PICT3411 PICT3408
Catherine gave my children some clothes – Mahalia was delighted to have a new summer skirt and top. Azzan was also doubly delighted cuz she gave him a new t-shirt plus a heap of clothes that Thomas didn’t need.

Sophie serenaded us on her violin
Catherine has all her children playing violin with the Suzuki method. She is a great advocate of it and after hearing Sophie play I can see why

There was enough food for my children to have dinner with the others. There was a LOT of noise and hyperactivity so after they had eaten I decided it was time to take out leave. We headed across town and found another Warehouse and then a supermarket to get some food for breakfast and dinner for me.

Home just before 9pm, quickly cooked dinner and got the children all off to bed. I have now had my dinner and am just about to follow them. I am really weary tonight, but it was a good day catching up with so many wonderful friends

One thought on “Day 1 in Chch

  1. It looks like you all are having SO much FUN!  I’m so glad.  I was laughing at the image of you putting Azzan in the buggy and heading out. I’ve done that so many times – especially with Sarah Faith!  (when she was younger, now I just have to give her THE LOOK)  She’s still a stinker sometimes tho!  I loved Hali’s new outfit in the picture and the outfit Shannie picked sounds like something I would wear right now!  I have a couple of those style skirts .. one is denim, one is black… and I think I still have one in different shades of blues and some beads here and there.  They are comfy and FUN!
    Miss you!  🙂 Cass

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