Day 2 in Chch

Alvin & Vonnie were both gone by 7am. I was up then and was doing some emails when the children woke at 7:30am.
I got hem breakfasted and sorted and we were out the door by 9:30am. When I walked out to the car I realised I had over dressed – the day was already very warm, so I went back inside and changed – first day that I have worn a summer skirt and top this season. Mahalia was raving about how pretty I looked and that I should wear it to the wedding. Sweet child

We drove to the airport and watched the planes coming and going.
Funnily enough the thing that gave them the biggest buzz was going up into the car-park building and being able to see out all across the airport.

We waited for the airplane to arrive and couldn’t find Peter (a wwoofer who is coming to us an a couple of weeks) who was flying in from the USA so we headed off to the Shoe Warehouse. It is a bit of an act trying to find sandals for 3 children at the same time. I left Mahalia to sort herself out while Shannie and I tried sandals on Azzan. Finally found what he liked and then Shannie needed the toilet. Sent her to find out where it was. It was way across the other side of Bunnings – a huge warehouse next door. Way too far to send my 10yr old on her own. So I dumped the sandals at the counter and took off with 3 in tow. Got everyone sorted and whizzed back to find some dress sandals for Shannie. She is only 10 but is already in adult sizings. So I asked someone for help and after trying on many pairs around the shop Shannie finalised her decision with a lovely pair toe sandals. It was a three pair for the price of two deal so a good time to be shopping there.

Then we found a nice cafe just up the road called Anna’s and had out lunch there. It was mainly older people there so they were all giving the children very generous smiles and attention. The food was good. Azzan cleaned up all of his pie and half of Shannie’s which she graciously allowed him to have because he really, really wanted the same as hers but there was only one and he really didn’t want the one he got but it was too late to change as I had already poured on the tomato sauce and had begun cutting it up before I realised there was a problem. In the end Shannie didn’t want to have any of Azzan’s pie so he cleaned up the whole lot with great relish-!!

We then found a wonderful Toy-world shop in the same complex – it must be one of the biggest in the South Island. I had been trying to find Sylvanian’s for the children and they had the full range so it was a very intense time for them choosing what they would like. Shannie had in-depth discussions with the manager about what Lego she wanted and what he actually had in stock. It is so frustrating when they see things advertised but they are either not available in NZ or they have deleted that particular one.

We then braved the Riccarton traffic and found Briscoes – once again there was excitement as we navigated onto the top floor of the parking building and then great fights over who was going to push the lift buttons. – Unbelievable-!! Just got a trolley and was about to go find the presents I was after and then Mahalia needed the toilet then Shannie ran into her legs with the trolley so we had tears as well. I parked the trolley and raced the children across the road into the mall and found the bathrooms. Then it was back to Briscoes, found the wedding present and a 21st present, called in to Starbucks – got a much needed pick me up, it is all right I got a Caramel Light frappacino with no cream!

We left there and headed back towards town. By this time it was turning very cold and the traffic was getting extremely busy. As we were passing Mocha I popped into the cafe to see Lydia. She told me that Lizzie was having her 21st party Saturday night and could we come out to it. Yippee – that will be fun. Then it was around the corner to Every Educaid. The girls stayed in the car and played with the Sylvanians and Azzan helped me. I had gone looking for art paper. I have not been there for years and had forgotten what an amazing supply of educational stuff they have. I had a great time. Got some language learning kits so we can learn German and Spanish, plus lots of art paper etc.

Then it was down the road to visit Aunty Rona. We found her in her tiny wee hospital room. She has been shifted since we last saw her as she keeps falling and needed to be in the hospital wing. She is bright and we had a lovely visit. It must be so hard for her not to be able to get out hardly at all now. She loved to go out for a coffee and now she has to rely on the wheel chair taxi and others to help her. Azzan gave her lots of loves – which she loves
PICT3419 PICT3420

By this time it was getting on for 5pm so we drove through the rush hour traffic – very slowly – to meet Louisa and the children for dinner at their place. By 5:30 they still hadn’t gotten home so I called and found they were delayed so we agreed to meet at the Northlands Mall Food Hall. Most of the children opted for sushi. Azzan insisted on a full size packet AND he had to eat it all with chopsticks – he is a very persistent young man!
Madeline and Oliver and my three enjoying their dinner. George took a while longer to decide – there was too much choice!

While we were eating I saw a familiar face walk past so called out ‘SAM’! And yes, it was my niece. So she came over and joined us and we had a lovely catch up time. Louisa took all the children back home with her so Sam, Azzan and I went and did some shopping. He was pretty tired by this time so we headed back to Louisa’s place with the girls new pyjamas so they could stay the night with Madeline. Azzan cuddled up on my knee while we had a cuppa. He said to me ‘Did you know we are God’s Barbie’s?’ I was like ‘What? Why?’ And he said ‘Because God makes us walk.’ Very random thought patterns I think this all comes from the fact that Barbie and Kelly dolls feature quite highly in his world because he plays so much with his big sisters. He is quite keen on having his own Kelly dolls hence my thoughts on redirecting this interest to Sylvanian critters!

I finally got Azzan back home and tucked up in bed by around 9:30pm. He was a tired wee man – but very happy to be sleeping with his mummy tonight. I just hope he doesn’t kick & wriggle too much!

I hd just sat down here to update and Vonnie came out for a coffee, a smoke and a chat. She had not had a great day, she got word that her aunt had died, and then tonight she had gotten word that one of her patients is critically ill in hospital tonight so she is probably going to head it to the hospital in a few hours time to be with her. (She is a care giver to several seriously handicapped adults and she is very attached to them all)

Looks like we have a pretty full on day tomorrow so I am not too sure if I will get back her till Sunday.
See you then

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