A long and tiring but fun weekend

Sat morning Azzan & I threw our sleeping bags and some clothes into the Safari and went around the road to visit my cousin Susan. Couldn’t find her so we went shopping to spend Azzan’s gift voucher Granny had given him to spend at The Warehouse. He was so cute. He walked up and down the toy aisles trying to decide what to get. He looked at all sorts of things, deliberating and weighing up what he should get. After quite a long time I suggested he might like to have a look in the craft aisle. He said that he didn’t want to cuz he really wanted to get something playful!

Anyway, I could see that he wasn’t finding what he wanted so I suggested to him that I buy his voucher off him and give him the $15 in cash to spend at Toyworld. He happily agreed to this so we zipped on down to the Toyworld shop we had found the day before. He went straight to the Sylvanians and then deliberated as to what box he should get. Should he get the hamster family because they are related to his mouse family. Or should he get the boar family? Or maybe the TV. Then he decided he wanted Ivy Cottage. I said that he had already bought the shop and he didn’t need another building. But he said his mouse family needed a house to live in so they could go from there to the shop – how could I argue with that?? Then he decided he needed the kitchen furniture as well. So I ended up subsidising his b’day money much to his delight-!!

It was then time to head over and pick up the girls. Louisa was most amused because she had taken the children out with her to drop George off at tennis and my girls commented that they had never been out BEFORE breakfast before-!! I managed to get them cleaned up and changed and out the door to get to the Westpac stadium in good time. The traffic was building so I was pleased to get their early. Corrine got caught in it so we waited quite a while for her and the boys to arrive. The Thomas show was great. Of course it was directed at the little people – with lots of noise, over accentuated dance and singing with quite a simple story. Shannie couldn’t believe that I had dozed off during the first half when I told her. She said incredulously ‘Even with all that noise?’ I did stay awake for the 2nd half. Shannie was very impressed with the special effects. Azzan was sad when it ended because he felt it was too short.

Afterwards Corrine and I met in The Square and sat and had a drink while the children let off lots of energy using the place for gymnastics. I am sure they entertained a lot of the tourists. As we were leaving we could hear some very rousing music and as it was near Corrine’s car we went closer to have a look. I realised it was a group or Hare Krishna’s. They were singing up a storm and one girl was ready to talk and pass out tracts so we made a wide berth and then went back to our find our car. Azzan, my friendly wee man, who loves to talk to anyone he meets kept asking me later on ‘Why couldn’t we talk to the Christians?’

We then made out way out to North Loburn and joined the Wenborn’s for dinner. As we turned up their drive the children were saying – ‘This is Brianna’s house’ – I had to remind tham that actually it wasn’t anymore. The family were all in varying stages of fancy dress as they prepared for the party.
PICT3424 PICT3427 PICT3429 PICT3435 PICT3431
Azzan didn’t leave Phoebe for the whole night. She was his girl!!

It was such a cool evening. They had decorated their studio as a Turkish poker den and the tables were all laid out with lovery food and poker games. Those that wanted to played games of Texas Holdem poker and the rest of us socialised. It was a great night.
PICT3439 PICT3447 PICT3451 PICT3454 PICT3443
Lizzie, the birthday girl laddling out the delicious fruit punch.

The delectable deserts with the cake Phoebe had made and decorated

Bethany & Lydia in La Laun Dree cafe

The night proved long for some…

PICT3464 PICT3466
We were all summoned into the living room and listened to Sarah and Bethany play and then – a guest gave a wonderfully funny clown performance to Lizzie for a present.
PICT3469 PICT3479 PICT3482
She was hilarious – I wish I had been able to video her. She got Andrew and another guy up to help her and to try and get them to do what she wanted through mime was an absolute crack up.

Then is was time for Dave to tell us how wonderfu Lizzie is – but we all knew that anyway
and then he swooped her onto the floor for a tango
but then Nicky arrived and she and Dave entertained us all with their flashy crowd pleasing steps!!

Shannie and Azzan managed to stay awake for all of this but Mahalia didn’t

We carried them all out to Brianna’s sleep out around midnight. I followed at 1:30am. It was a great night but I knew morning would be coming all too soon.

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