Thankfully the children all slept in till after 8am today. It was a chilly morning with the promise of sunshine. We got dressed and packed up.
The pergola looks so good now Graeme has finished the logs on top.
A friend is getting married there soon, hence the rush to finally get it completed.
PICT3496 PICT3497
Perfect spot for photos

Shannie pensively resting.

Nicky made the children some scrampbled eggs and then we left for Christchurch. I managed to find where Clavary Chapel meets each Sunday and joined Wayne and Emma and their 8 children for church there. Corrine breezed in late – she had overslept. It was lovely standing beside her during the singing – she has a magnificent voice and I hadn’e had the priviledge of hearing her sing before. I was most impressed with the teaching. Pastor Kris was teaching from Luke 11:1-4 on how to pray. It was excellent, he has a real down to earth and easy to listen to way of teaching. I learnt a lot today.

After church Emma and I zipped through the supermarket and bought lunch then we all headed to Deans Bush. It is a lovely wee park area around the original and oldest house in Canterbury.
There are huge trees – some over 150 years old. We ate a very tasty picnic lunch, Azzan felt mosr comfortable lying on the lush grass while he ate.
PICT3500 PICT3501

The children played lots of games
Afterwards we found heaps of broken bottles and glass right where they had been running about – we spent a long time picking it all up marvelling how miraculous it was the children had not been cut on it and also questioning the mentality of the louts who leave such a dangerous mess behind.

Dean’s Cottage – the oldest building in Christchurch
PICT3506 PICT3507
And the mansion beside it that they built afterwards. What a transition!!

The children had fun trying to catch the ducks – thankfully none fell in

Around 4pm we went our seperate ways. We went to Louisa’s. The children just quietly chilled with George, Oliver and Madeline. I lay on the carpet in the sun and had a sleep. It was so good. Louisa fed the children and then after a dancing display by Oliver – he learns Ballet, Jazz, Irish and Hip Hop dance – plus Azzan doing the Mango for us – his name of his dance as he floated and twirled around the lounge, we headed back to Alvin and Vonnie’s. I got the children quickly into bed and finally had a chance to sit and talk with them. We have hardly had time to catch up since I arrived so it was good.

So, now I am heading to bed and hopefully I will get to sleep in a bit.
I told the children that we wouldn’t go anywhere tomorrow till after lunch. Hali said ‘that sounds very relaxing’ – to which I heartily agreed.

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. The pergola looks GORGEOUS!  A PERFECT place for a wedding!  Elegant & beautiful.  I love the pictures of the kids!  Look at Hali & Shannie all dressed up like little princesses!  Beautiful!  I can’t get over how grown Shoshanna looks there in the picture resting.  Azzan is just such a breath of fresh air.  I love that child too.  Your kids are so precious.  I wish I could get my arms around them and spend some time with all of you!  Your trip has been so full and you’ve made so many good memories!  What a wonderful time!

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