Monday in the Museum

We had a much needed morning at home today.
The children caught up on rest and baths.
After they had soaked, and I had done the washing they got stuck in and had a huge clean up for me.

Shannie emptied out the Safari, cleaned it and repacked it very tidily and Mahalia gave the bedroom a massive clean out. They did a wonderful job. Then while they played with their Sylvanian’s I had a visit from Kerri who came to show me the PhotoMax business. I have signed up for it as I am very impressed with it all. Tell you more as I work it all out.

When she left we got organised and headed into the city. I really didn’t have any idea what we were going to do until we met up with Sam. But on the way in I thought to myself that I might just see if there were any parks near the museum. Sure enough there was one right outside, so we paid for 90mins thinking that would be plenty. We went up to the cafe and had lunch – it was VERY good food. Then we proceeded to work our way around the museum. The children loved it. It was a bit tricky taking some of the photos because of the lighting and I didn’t like to use a flash too much, but I got some of the children’s favourite things.

Mahalia was delighted to have a ride on the horse

and then they all ooohed and aaaahed over this gorgeous Victorian dolls house

The dinosaur skeleton was a HUGE attraction

as were the Kiwis. In fact Shannie’s favourite part of the museum was all the birds – I shoulda known that eh?
There were some huge bugs in the recycling/ save the planet section

and the Penny farthing had to be ridden by them all. As with the horse though Shannie was the only one who could reach the pedals

Azzan was pretty impressed by the suit of armour
he was also vbery into the Mummy display. He was remembering very clearly that he had seen them at Te Papa and was recounting all about that.

They were all extremely impressed by the enormous moose skeleton

There was even this wonderful stone covered in cuneiform writing which was great as they had recently studied all about it

I spent quite a bit of time with the two little ones in the costumes hall. It was wonderful. There were some 1920’s dresses and they were noting that it was the type of clothes that Thoroughly Modern Millie had worn! When we were looking at some of the military uniforms and medals – Azzan commented very sagely that – ‘I wasn’t in the war. I was too young.’

Outside was a wonderful fountain, the children couldn’t understand why there was a fence around it though. They are still learning about the not nice parts of city life

We then discovered that 90mins had not been long enough and we had overstayed our parking ticket by more than half an hour. Thankfully no parking wardens were around so we popped in a bit more money and headed across the street to the Arts Centre
in search of Fudge Cottage. The children had very definite memories from last time so knew exactly how to find it-!!

We then all enjoyed a gelato ice cream from a street vendor before hopping into a very hot car and heading up to Northlands Mall to change Shannie’s top for a bigger size.

We then went around to Sam’s house and waited for her to arrive. Brayden was there recovering from having 8 teeth removed. By this time it was getting on for 5pm and the traffic build up was horrific and she got caught in it on her way back from the city centre. We had a short visit with Sam and loaded Sylvie’s cases in the Safari and headed over to North Beach. We spent an hour with my dear friend Kay and met her husband to be. They get married on Nov 17th so it is all very exciting.

I had promised the children that we would go and have a walk on the Brighton Pier so despite the late hour we did and it was very pleasant.
Azzan was in hysterics watching the surfers trying to catch waves and crashing into them. For some reason it really tickled his fancy.
PICT3529 PICT3531 PICT3533 PICT3535

It was really lovely there in the late evening – there was just a light breeze and the waves along the coast were so beautiful

Hali was very very tired so we drove across town into the setting sun which made it very hard to see at times. I got a bit lost but eventually found the supermarket, grabbed a bit of food and then came home and cooked dinner while the children washed up and got the pj’s on.

My cuz Susan arrived for a visit so we entertained her while we were eating. Then the children hopped into bed and allowed us time for a good catch up.

It is now very late and I am more than tired.

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