Antarctica here we come!

We were on the road by 8:30am
Zipped up to get sushi for lunch from a place Susan had recommended only to find there is no sushi ready till 9:30am. Bummer!

So back into the traffic and head across town to The Antarctic Centre.
We met Sarah, Stephanie and Sigal there.
We spent the next 3-4 hours enjoying all they have to offer.
A great place – very interactive and despite the initial horror over costs it was very worth while. Especially as it was for a whole day and we could’ve gone back later on if we had wanted to.


There was a room which was set to a temperature of -8’C and each hour a storm blew through with a wind chill factor of up to (or should I say down to) -17.9’C
PICT3571 PICT3544_2

The children braved it out inside the ice cave

and after the storm had fun sliding on the ice and throwing snowballs at us – brats!


In another room there was a reading of Scott’s diary and the special effects portrayed the times he was writing about – the falling snow flakes delighted the children.

There was also a lot of info about the penguins – here the children are measuring up against all the different varieties.

We spent quite a while with the Little Blue penguins. They have about 18 penguins living there. They are ones that have been damaged and would not survive in the wild. Some had damaged wings, beaks, some were blind and some even had amputated feet. One was found by a truck driver walking down the road with a fish hook stuck in its eye. Others have been savaged by predators. Very sad indictment on our society that we damage our wild life so cruelly.

Feeding time brought a lot of activity in the water – we were standing by the observation window – they were so cute to watch.
PICT3557 PICT3558 PICT3559 PICT3560

Azzan enjoyed meeting this cuddly Weddel Seal

and trying on the snow jackets
he decided they were way to big and heavy for him.

The snow cat and sled were fun and they loved seeing in the tent behind. It had a concave glass window so you could see exactly how they live – or squeeze into – a small tent out on the ice. Not too much room to swing a cat!

PICT3583 PICT3586

We finally left the lovely cool environment and headed to Northlands Mall Food Hall for a late lunch. My children are about sushi-ed out now-!! We then did a bit of fun shopping – found a cool shop that was selling Indian jewellery for $2. So of course we all chose a gorgeous necklace each – including Azzan who does not like to be left behind on the pretty colours etc

We said our farewells to Sarah and the girls and headed off to visit Aunty Rona. It was lovely to be able to see her again – the children all love to visit her and they all comment about how they love her so much. Ann & Ian arrived while we were there – they had been shopping for A Rona.

Life proved to getting a bit much for Azzan. He curled up on the floor and before we realised it he was fast asleep.

I thought I was going to have to carry him out but he woke up enough to be very sweet and give A Rona a big love before leaving.

We got back to Alvin & Vonnie’s in time for dinner. Hali was VERY tired so had a cooling bath while the other 2 zipped up to the playground. They don’t seem to be too bothered by all the busyness whereas Hali is finding it all a bit much.

I managed to get them all into bed in good time tonight on the promise of taking them swimming tomorrow

One thought on “Antarctica here we come!

  1. EXTRAORDINARY! I have never even HEARD of something so incredible!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS pictures! Azzan is so precious, little cutie pie! Freezing today, swimming tomorrow – tell me your kids do not get to enjoy it all! 😉 xoxoxox

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