A brief day at home

Sunday went past in a bit of a blur for me.
There was so much to do and too much going on.

I got Nathan to take Frida, Andrea & Peter up to Waterfall to wash windows and do some weeding.
I do remember that it was a beautiful day so there was a lot of outside sitting and playing.
The children have been great but they were quite tired yesterday.
Shannie especially.
She is never bored. But when she is tired nothing is right and there is nothing to do that suits

Kai & Christiana (the German journalists) left after lunch taking with them Frida & Andrea (from Sweden).

We finally managed to find a few minutes to give Molly her birthday presents. – Only a week late so spreads her birthday out a bit-!!
PICT3828 PICT3829

Tim went out to move some stock, Peter went kayaking. Jo stayed back to do some washing and chill.
I left Anson with the children and Anna & I went over to Waterfall Bay to get clothes for Molly & Jan and do a bit of tidying up so Jan doesn’t come back to too much mess. It was a bit like me leaving here – she had left thinking she’d be back in the morning-!!

On the way home we stopped at the top of the hill to admire the view.
Mt Taranaki was so clear – it was beautiful.
Nice to be able to take 5

We got dinner sorted, Anson left – he has a few days of work this week.
Got the kids bathed and into bed not too late.
They must be tired though because it is 7am and their is not a peak out of them yet.
Most unusual.

I am just packing the Safari to head into Nelson this morning.
Am taking Mahalia, Azzan & Molly.
I have a dentist appointment and then we will head over to Blenheim to see the Peter Pan show.
I will drop Molly off to see her Mum while I am doing the chores.

Be back home tomorrow – hopefully for a few days plus – sigh!

One thought on “A brief day at home

  1. I am trembling and overtired and I can tell it because I have tears welled up in my eyes and feel shakey.  Reading, “It was a bit like me leaving here – she had left thinking she’d be back in the morning-!!” has me stopped in mid thought.  Today, as I left home in a hurry, barely took time to kiss the kids goodbye let alone Kenny, I never once – NEVER ONCE – considered I might not return home.  What an earth shattering event Jan has dealt with.  I know little Molly must be scared too without her Mom there by her side.  At least she has your precious children and your loving mothering to hold her and make her feel safe and cared about.  I know Jan must feel scared and alone.  I know you are there for her but to be in another country and in a hospital must feel scary & alone.  I am praying for her… and for your family.  Love you.  Cass

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