I just found out this arvo that it was Wednesday today
I really am losing it!
My equilibrium is totally unbalanced.
My rubber band is about to snap.
My foo foo valve is about to explode.
I need a dark quiet corner……………

Monday we got away around 8am and had a good trip to Nelson.
Mahalia & Molly sat in the back and played dolls and wired themselves up to Molly’s iPod. Kept them both happy.
Molly was most proud cuz she didn’t get car sick this time.
Azzan hooked up to my iPod for some of the trip and then chatted to me for the rest.

We had a couple of things to do and then got some food and my essential Frappacino before heading up to see Jan.
She had been discharged from hospital that morning and was staying with Estelle.
Molly and Mahalia stayed with Jan while I went to the dentist. Azzan entertained James and the dental assistant while I got my temp filling done.

We picked up the girls and headed over to Blenheim. I had found some really cute paper doll books so the two girls played very happily all they way over the hills and Azzan did his Gruffalo sticker book. Got there in time to fly around the library. I told the kids they had 10mins to choose books and when I turned around Azzan had most of the children’s library books on the floor – his choice was quite large-!! Bought food for dinner and zipped to Granny’s to eat and shower and get our glad rags on.

I was in the shower when Azzan came in to visit me. He has no propriety that lad! Anyway, he spotted Gran’s bathroom scales so decided to weigh himself. He hopped on and then said ‘Wow! I weigh 3 metres!’ I laughed and he dragged them over to the shower and said ‘Look, I do so weigh 3 metres.’! I guess we have a wee way to go with our maths yet

Here are the two little princesses dressed in their finery ready for a night out
Don’t they look sweet with Gran’s roses around them?

‘Peter Pan’ began at 7:30pm. We were there in good time. The show was great. It was a musical done by the Marlborough Children’s Theatre. Of course we all had to play ‘spot Ruby’ (my niece) as she was playing a pirate and an Indian. The end came all too soon. Molly’s first question was ‘Can we go again tomorrow night?’ So I guess they enjoyed it

Molly decided that she would like to go stay with her Mum the next day so I organised that to happen and got myself off to bed around midnight.

Tuesday I was up at 6am. Got to the supermarket before opening at 7am and got all the shopping done and was back to load the children up so we could leave by 8:30am. Ruby had given them breakfast so we did get away on time. I stopped off in Havelock to pick up our mail and popped in to meet the new policeman there. He had called me at the time of the accident so we had already spoken. Good to put faces to names for future reference. Nice guy

We arrived in Rai Valley by 9:45am, early for Molly’s 10am pick up, so I got the kids all some food and then when Caroline arrived she joined us with her cup of tea and we enjoyed a chat. So consequently we never got away from Rai till 11am. Caroline took Molly over to Jan. Jan has decided that she can’t cope with coming back and as she has got to have on going medical treatment etc it is best that she stays in Nelson. I am sad though as I really liked her and the kids loved having Molly here.

We got to Elaine Bay in time to join in on the tail end of the garden walk. They had 8 gardens mapped out in the bay to visit. Then there was a shared lunch at Val’s place. It was lovely to catch up with all the ladies from Okiwi Bay to right out our way. We don’t see each other enough so it is good to make these occasions happen. There is a lot of tree felling happening on the hills around the bay at the moment so there was a constant loud buzzing of chainsaws and then crashing of trees falling. When the bells were sounding some of the ladies asked what they were. Azzan was walking along with them and said in a very knowing voice ‘They are tree alarms telling you that the tree is going to fall.’ – duh! It takes a 5yr old to know these things you know

The children were pretty keen to get home and as it had come out quite hot I was wanting to move on cuz I had 30 pounds of butter plus a heap of chocolate for the shop buried in the back of the car and I could envisage it slowly oozing out the door. However when we unpacked the car it was thankfully still quite cool.

This morning I did battle with the IRD on the phone. It wasn’t a good time to do that because I am rather an emotional basket case at the moment. Too much stress going down and I am just not coping terribly well with life right now. But I had to call them to sort out a problem and then they said they couldn’t talk to me about Tim’s tax because I wasn’t down as his representative for that account. I lost it at that point. How long have I been doing the accounts for the business and for us??? Only about 15-20 years! Thankfully Tim turned up and was able to diffuse the situation so I could get it all sorted. Then she turned around and told me that I was now officially down as Tim’s rep and would I like Tim to be on mine???

After that I had to do battle with the internet so I could actually get the unpaid late account paid before it accrued more overdue penalties – For some reason I was having problems getting the internet banking to open for me. So that took even more time out of my morning. I finally got Azzan and we headed up the hill, picked up Peter – the guys were all up there getting the timber ready to go out on the truck tomorrow. We went over to Waterfall Bay to put the new groceries in the shop and while I packed up Jan & Molly’s stuff Peter and Azzan began weeding the garden. It did take quite a while so we didn’t get home till around 2pm.

I then opted out of life for a few hours.
I got my lunch and found a comfy sofa and lay and watched a dvd for the rest of the afternoon. There were a few interruptions unfortunately but I did feel a bit more rested by dinner time.

There are people going in all directions over the next few days and I have a catered party to prepare for this weekend. So I guess I am not going to have too much turn around time for a while yet.

It’s past my bedtime – I’m off.

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