Growing times

Thursday –
Cat & Anna went off oyster harvesting.
Anson had a days shearing near French Pass.
Tim took Lawrence up the hill to finish getting the posts and timber packed up for the truck.
Nathan and Peter went up to Waterfall Bay to mow lawns and weed gardens.
Seb and Jo went to Nelson.
Jo has had to leave early to meet her folks over in Sydney. We will miss her. It has been fun having her here and I have really really appreciated her help with keeping the children going on their school work.
Shanni did some baking – it is really the best way for her to learn her fractions and weights and measures – in such a practical way. She comments to me now that she is getting to know what it means when she sees 3/4 or 250gm or 6oz. She is becoming multi lingual in the maths realm

I have been struggling with thinking Nathan is not doing enough academic work but then he continues to dumbfound me. He will come out with such broad and amazing facts when we are talking at the table. He reads so much and despite the speed with shich he is reading he is comprehending it all. Unlike me he does reread books several times if they grip him. So I guess I need to stop worrying and just let him grow and be a boy. He will have to face the responsibilities of adulthood soon enough. And after hearing Peter Pan telling why he doesn’t want to grow up the other night I can quite agree!!

I did the GST and got meals ready.
I have also been sorting out photos and old home movies.
I have just joined Photomax – which is a place that copies your photos and films onto a secure website. Plus they send you back copies of them on disk and store everything in an underground vault in Utah. You can access them on your own website and edit as you wish. You can also get movies etc made from them. It is a great way to protect and preserve the family photos from age, fire and flood etc. I am really excited to have found it via a friend as I hate to see all our photos aging on the shelves and the movies we have taken over the years just sitting gathering dust. I know we have some fun ones when Bri was young – watch out Bri they will be getting done soon

The weather is beautiful at the moment – most conducive to being outside. I really enjoyed hanging out the washing and soaking in the sunshine. Very healing

Shannie is so excited to be seeing her plants growing.
Her peas are up to her waist already and the silver-beet is up to her chin. Never mind that it is bolting with the heat – she is still immensely proud of it-!!
PICT3844 PICT3847
She was very delighted with her first radishes which we immediately enjoyed in our salad for dinner.

We are totally overrun with cats here at present.
There is Marco, our 11 year old granddaddy cat, Speights the mother of the younger ones and 8 kittens – 4 from each litter – the small ones are now 7 weeks old and very cute. The older ones are cute but getting to be a pain as they will not stay outside. Cat brought the smaller ones down from the attic last night and it was really funny watching them all playing around old Marco. They wouldn’t stop still for a photo though. Seb took one out to a new home yesterday – we have homes for 3 more but not for a couple of weeks, anyone want a kitten?? 3 left to find homes for. Cat is keeping one of them. Here are the 3 bigger ones.

The truck got in late – it had a huge load on board and then it took time to unload and reload. Anson finished work early and got back in time to help which was great. This time we had used a different truck and it has a lifter so made the work so much easier. But still the guys did not get home for lunch till 6pm. They ate their pizza and then ate dinner half an hour later-!!

I think everyone slept very well last night.

Tim has taken a boat load out scalloping this morning and Cat is going for a dive while they are out. Shannie & Hali have been re-sorting the school room. I have been juggling furniture to make room for all their Sylvanian houses and the lego. Thankfully it is a big room and it is a good chance for them to clean it and sort out rubbish. But as usual they have almost come to blows. Shannie gets frustrated cuz Hali doesn’t do what she wants her to and then Shannie starts sounding like a fish wife and Hali just stands there and nothing happens. I have just told them that is is unacceptable behaviour – so Shannie is carrying on in there on her own and I have assigned Hali to cleaning their bedroom and Azzan’s too. They do work well, but better apart- sisters! It really is quite an educational time for them – learning to get along and also learning to sort and work out what is best to do with what. And what can I throw out and where should this go etc. To think you can pay money for kids to play sorting games – mine don’t need them – it is part of our life

I am beginning to feel better.
Life is not quite so dark.
I think I made it through yesterday with only a few tears.

Today the sun is shining.
I am feeling lighter.

I am now going to go get some baking done for the packed lunches I have to provide tomorrow. I did make a banana cake last night but I am really not with it at the moment and it is not the best I can do so I am going to go try making something else now. Maybe some brownie or flapjacks.

I have to go over and get the party sorted this arvo and will be staying the night at Waterfall. Am doing breakfast and packed lunch for 12 guys. I just so love cooking eggs for multitudes – not
It really is not my forte so I am hoping I can wing it somehow and that they look past the eggs to the rest of the yummy food-!!
Thankfully they are doing their own dinner so I am going to chill out and watch a movie and have a quiet night -here’s hoping!!

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