Shannie, Azzan and I went up to Waterfall Bay on Friday afternoon to open up the Lodge for the fishing party. Tim came over too and did some weed eating while waiting for them. They came in and had a bbq dinner and then went out for an evening fish.

Azzan then decided that he should go home with his daddy so he could go out to the Nelson A&P show with Mahalia. Anson was shearing in the show so Tim & Nathan wanted to go watch.

Shannie and I raided the freezer and had a very interesting and not that healthy a dinner – but it tasted good and filled the gaps. We watched some TV and then she went off to bed. I was watching ‘White Oleander’ when Herb arrived with some more groceries for me. He helped me butter the bread for the guys sandwiches, had a chat and then went over to join the rest of his friends at The Cottage. I finished watching the movie and then went to bed.

I was very glad that the men wanted to go out for an early morning fish and have a late breakfast around 9:30am. So I had plenty of time to shower and do washing and get things cooked. Lawrence arrived over about 9:30, but still the boat hadn’t returned. It was a beautiful day and they went out further than they planned. We went out and weeded the herb garden and then watched some tv. Got the washing from the Lodge done too which was a good start to the cleaning process.

Had a call from my neighbour Sandra – nice to have time for a catch up – also was good talking with her about how I have been feeling this past week. She agreed that I have probably been experiencing post trauma shock from the accident. It is one thing to stay strong for the casualities at the time but afterwards is when the mind starts reliving it all. Sandra is one person who actually knows what it is like to have to walk the journey of life out here and who really understands what it is like when things hit the fan. I don’t know if I have said this before, but Sandra, you were the one person that kept my sanity when I first came here and even today I know you are there when I need a friend – thanks so much for being you and for being there.

The boat finally arrived back just before midday, they had breakfast, packed up, took their packed lunch and departed, off for another fish before going home. We didn’t take too long to get the Lodge cleaned and by then the washing was dry so we got the beds remade and all done in good time. It was so hot I felt we all deserved an ice cream from the shop as we drove back home.

It was very quiet over here with Tim, Anson and the 3 children all gone for the day. Cat & Anna went out diving & fishing with Herb’s mates, and Herb took Lawrence out fishing in PL3. I crashed out in front of a movie and then at 4pm went and lay on my bed to read my book. Shannie chilled out with her movie then.

At 8pm she came in and told me I had been in bed for 4 hours!!! I staggered out to the kitchen – they were all finding plenty of food for their dinner so I grabbed a water bottle and went back to bed. I was so groggy and feeling really out of it. I didn’t even hear Tim when they got in around 11pm.

I woke early this morning and Tim & I had a spa at 6am. Tim got breakfast organised and then took the troops out scalloping. I went back to bed with my book.

Mahalia & Azzan were very happy that they had one some toys at the show. They really enjoyed their day and Tim said they were very good and absolutely no trouble. Next year they have to take Shannie though as there was a huge bird section and Tim said she would love seeing all the chickens.

Shannie made pikelets and presented them to me for breakfast. I had a couple and then I got up to do the washing and have my fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt breakfast. It was so hot that I took my book outside. Too hot after a while so I retreated back to my bed. It has been a great resting time. No reason to get up and do anything major.

Azzan was happy most of the morning dancing to his music. He is so funny, he changes the cd’s as he feels, turns them up real loud and then dances around the room and does actions in front of the mirror.

This afternoon –
Shannie caught up with Katherine on the phone

Lawrence and Azzan read stories

and Nathan was engrossed in Age of Empires
I found a Mac version of it while in Christchurch and whenever he is not required to be doing anything else he is totally preoccupied with it. Seb is not at all interested in it but Anson is so he borrows the disk whenever he can get it off Nathan-!!

Brianna called so I had a lovely long catch up with her. It has been weeks since we talked. The men all came up for a fellowship meeting while we were talking. It was nice to have a guitar player here. Plus some really good strong Maori guys voices leading the singing.

The men had to leave just after 3pm so it was a fairly short meeting but good stuff. I had been wanting to make crepes all day, so I decided to get them cooking then. I mixed up the batter and cooked up a few and was about to eat one when the phone went. It was Aunt Elvina from Australia. So I ended up having and hours catch up with her. Got back out to the kitchen and found most of the pancakes had gone and there was just enough mix left for me to make a couple for me. So I got to satisfy my craving

I am celebrating because this morning my weight was lower than it has been since I can’t remember – I am down to 74.5kg – yippee-!! Nearly 10kgs off since March. Slowly but surely, they reckon the slower you loose it the more chance you have of keeping it off!

Had a good long catch up with my friend Phillipa tonight and then had a salad for tea. The others were all devouring venison steak, oysters and mussels. Not my scene, nor Shannie’s either. She came in to find me to help her find something she could manage to eat. We raided the freezer and found her something she was happy to eat and she made her own salad – she couldn’t handle the raw onions that Cat had added to the main salad.

Tim & I have just finished watching ‘A Very Long Engagement’ – it is a fascinating movie by the director of ‘Amelie’ – one of Cat’s favourite movies. I would like to watch it again as it was quite involved but it has to go back to the hire shop tomorrow.

Anyway, despite the many hours I have spent in and on my bed I am still tired so I am off to bed now.

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  1. Good morning my friend ~ It was so nice to see your smiling face on my blog!  I just fired you off an email.  I’m enlisting the help of a fellow manager to see if we can fix your problem.  We’ll get it taken care of!  I was just thinking about you a minute ago, and was going to comment, but you beat me to it with your comment and email!  Stink!  I hope you are feeling better.  You’ve had a tough few days.  I’m glad you’ve been able to rest a bit.  We’ve missed you at KSMP.  There are some birthday wishes there for your boy, and we’ve wondered how you’re doing.  Hope to see you back there soon…
    Hugs ~ Kathy

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