Let me see.
What did we do yesterday?

Well, Nathan decided he would cook dinner.
So he got some of the veges prepared in the morning.
In between doing this and getting The Cottage done, taking Tim to WB and getting the fires going to heat the water he played Age of Empires. He is really enjoying it – so much so that we have to prise him away and it nearly causes ructions in the camp when someone else wants to use the computer. Anson enjoys the game too which is good. He needs to have something like this to blob to. He is such a workaholic that he doesn’t really rest up much.

Shannie had vege plants and seeds she wanted to get in so she got Lawrence to help her dig over some more garden and got them all planted. Anson has bought her in some more chickens. One of the sheds he shears for has hens galore and they are breeding beyond what they can cope with so are very happy to send some on down here. Shannie of course is only too delighted to receive them. She is full of tales about them and that she is sure one is a rooster etc.

Mahalia cleaned up the living room – did a brilliant job, even cleaned out the fire place so it looks like new.
The 3 children also cleaned up the school room and bedrooms – it seems to be a continual job.

The school room is being overtaken by Lego and Sylvanian’s. Pretty good take over I reckon. They spend countless hours playing with it all in very creative fashion.

Note Shannie’s black eye – she ran into an open window at Waterfall Bay on Sat – I hate those push out aluminium windows – the sun was in her eyes and she didn’t see that it was open. Quite painful at the time but now quite an impressive bruise!


All the Sylvanian’s have new clothes. They also have a huge dolls house which they have added to their Sylvanian houses. They have quite a wee village there now. It is good to see their computer has been unplugged.

They have used a piece of blue carpet to make a canal for the canal boat. Books get used to make roads and walls etc. I love to see their creative minds in action

Azzan spent most of the morning dancing in an apricot coloured dress to assorted music of his choosing.
We were very entertained by his twirling and prancing around the living room
He would interlude the dancing by lying in the bean bag beside the radio listening to Jim Weiss telling him stories on cd.

I am so pleased I invested in so many of Jim Weiss’ cd’s. The children have gained so much from listening to his stories of history and folk lore. Learning in a relaxed manner that is

I filed all the paperwork of our accounts and now just have to sort out the smaller receipts and odd cash journals and then it is all done for this month. I also started sorting out more of my art stuff that has yet to find a home.

Tim, Anson, Anna & Lawrence put in the last of the posts for Anson’s car-shed and sleep out. Now Cat can begin the building of it. Anson & Lawrence stacked up timber cuz Tim couldn’t get the log splitter working. Nathan & Tim shot up to WB in the dinghy to meet the fire safety guy who was down to do his annual checks of alarms and extinguishers.

Cat went to work at 5:30am.
Anna and I were sitting at the table talking in the mid afternoon when Cat arrived home – she crept up behind Anna and presented her with a surprise.
Mike! Anna’s bro – he had cycled in. He has biked all the way from Palmerston North over the past weeks and yesterday came in from Okiwi Bay. Took him mega hours and he only got a ride just a few moments from our boundary-!!

I finished getting dinner ready for Nathan as he was busy doing the Cottage for me.
After dinner Cat & Anna went for a bike ride – for some funny reason Mike wasn’t too interested in going with them
Then they went for a swim and a spa.
Nathan, Mike & Lawrence played cards. It was hilarious. They were playing Cheat – Anson, Tim & I were in stitches watching them. They were all cheating but none of them would challenge the others – the body language was so funny.

For some reason my computer decided to restart itself just as I was about to write up my blog so I went to bed instead and here I am now.
It is another beautiful calm sunny morning in paradise.
There is rain in the forecast but no sign of it yet.
We desperately need rain – it is looking like we are in for a very long hot dry summer.
Could be serious stuff

My mission today is to get the gst finished.
Tomorrow is D-day!
So off to the shower now to begin my day………

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