Tuesday’s been and gone

Well, I did manage to get the gst completed today. Signed sealed and delivered to the IRD tonight via email and internet banking, still with one day up my sleeve.

I have printed off proof this time that I have paid them so they can’t come back at me and say I haven’t and charge me heaps of penalties like they did last time.
I spent some time on the phone today and actually managed to get them to reverse some of the penalties as it appears to have been a banking error – well, they were happy with that reason, so who’s arguing with them

I actually had a bit of space in the afternoon whilst waiting for the accountant to check over the accounts and call me back so I watched a dvd – ‘The girl with the pearl earring’. It was really interesting. It gave a good portrayal of life in Holland in the 1600’s.

Tim finally managed to fix the leak in the fuel tank of the log splitter so the guys were away splitting logs for some of the day. They also got all the remaining largest lengths of treated timber moved and restacked down the hill in a safer place. It is just too inviting to leave it at the top of the hill. It is a sad indictment on our society out here that we have to worry about thieving nowadays.

Anson had to head out to Blenheim tonight as he is shearing there for the next few days. He is staying with his Gran, be nice for them to have a catch up.

Azzan and Anna baked some flapjack this morning – it was very yummy and most has gone already.
Cat was folding the washing today with Jynx on her back. She seemed very comfy there and wasn’t in the slightest bit worried that Cat was trying to do stuff.
PICT3895 PICT3898

Anna & Nathan had some fun over the lunch dishes

while Mike had an idyllic spot on the wharf to fish from. Nathan got the yacht out for a sail too.

Anna took the children down to the beach this arvo for a swim.
Azzan was very proud of this red starfish he found and the black limpet thingee he got too.

Azzan was doing some more dancing tonight.
He twirls about so gracefully but too quick for my camera – in most of my pics he is just a blur!

Nathan made a lemon meringue pie – wasn’t his best one but that just means he can try again – a good excuse to make another

Tim went out to do a late muster after dinner. I didn’t realise he had gone so the 3 wee ones were left to their own devices for quite some time. I eventually realised at 9pm that the girls were still dressed and happily playing with the Lego while Azzan was tucked up in Shannie’s bed listening to a cd story. I got them moving along and tucked up into their own beds and now Tim has come in.

The waves are lapping on the shore – a sure sign the southerly has come through. The temperature has been slowly dropping this afternoon – we have had such idyllic weather these past few days, looks like we might have to pop our warmer clothes back on again tomorrow.

The phone has just gone dead so I can’t post this right now.
Will have to wait and see what is happening…………………..

I am off for a spa now to warm up a little before bedtime


Okay! Just had a spa and came in and found the phone working again.
One of the wee kittens was walking around the top of the spa behind Tim – it didn’t seem too worried about the water. The southerly is really pounding in now and because the kids had been in the pool earlier it wasn’t as hot as usual so it was a quick exit into the bedroom to dry off in a warmer environment – brrrrr!

Off to bed this time

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