Back to school today

Life is beginning to return to a slight sense of normality here.
I gauge that by the amount of academia achieved.

And today we did achieve

I found the school books – still cannot find Nathan’s Maths dvd which is totally frustrating but I am sure it will turn up in some random pile of something somewhere-!!

I was about to begin working with the children when Mike arrived in fro breakfast and asked if he could help with anything.
I immediately said ‘Yes! you can do maths with Nathan.’
This was said knowing full well that I had a mature university student in my presence who was more than capable of doing thus and then found out that he and Anna had both had struggles with their initial schooling so could empathise well with my lad.

Anna arrived and stepped into the breach with Mahalia when I had to leave the Reading lesson to go to the phone.
Mahalia thought that was pretty cool so I was able to spend some time with Shoshannah.



Azzan was of course his normal bright wee button self – giving the answers for Mahalia before she could and then using the maths blocks to make patterns – he was adding double numbers and figuring out himself how to add different numbers together to make 14. He is certainly not going to be left behind that one-!!

After lunch Tim. Mike and Lawrence moved more timber down the hill. Anna is on a creative bender at the moment and was raiding the school paints to begin creating something on Cat’s ceiling. Should be fun

Nurse Charlotte came to visit so we had a lovely few hours chatting and catching up. Haven’t seen her since she went on holiday several months ago.

Nathan & Anna made another lemon meringue pie – a yummy one this time. And then it was time for me to begin dinner. Thankfully Nathan helped as I didn’t get tot he kitchen till 5pm.
But soon after 7 we all sat down to pita breads and falafels etc. It was decreed to be the best dinner out.
Well worth the effort

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