A L-O-N-G Day in Town

I was awake at 3am, dozed till after 4, then got up at 4:30.
Had a shower, packed up the car and waited for Cat and Anna to appear at 5:30am.
Cat had been woken at 2am by a ‘friends’ text and thought it was morning and started to get up!!
So they were both quite tired before we even left.

It was rather an eventful trip out. We took the three older kittens with us.
They were in a box to begin with but by the time we climbed in the Safari they were out.
Cat sat in the back with them on her knee, placating them.
She said they were nervous as they hadn’t been in a car before

Well, it didn’t take long for them to loose their nervousness and begin prowling about the car.

We got to Nelson by 8:30am and headed into Morrison St to have breakfast. Leaving the cats back in their box.
We had to wait quite a while as the cafe was busy, but as we all know – the busy places are the best ones to go to, so we waited for over 30mins for our food to appear. Then we ate it fast cuz wee were starving. It was so good
We split up briefly to do various jobs.
When I went back to the car to pop some stuff in there were three furry critters roaming about inside.
So much for being contained.

We met up at Starbucks to get our frappacinos for dessert

Then we zipped about and did all the jobs we had to do.
Cat dropped me off at the dentist at 11:30am and went to do some more stuff.
45mins later she picked me up – I now have 2 more lovely crowns on my teeth

It was a bit nerve racking when Cat was driving as the kittens were wandering along the front dash and up and over the seats and she didn’t object to it, so on the next stop I got back in the drivers seat so she could control them. I am not a cat person so don’t like them on my knee

We drove back around to Stoke and met up with Ella and the children for a chat at the Mega Centre cafe there.
Phillipa and her children cruised past so stopped for a chat too.
Ella then chose two of the kittens to take home and we went around to meet my midwife at John & Sally’s so the girls could have their B12 shots.

I then dropped the girls off at the garage and they transferred into Cat’s car which was out htere getting a WoF done. They took the kitten to the SPCA and I went on into town to finished all my grocery shopping etc.

It was a pretty full on day, but not too stresful.
I finally got everything finished around 6pm and decided to pop up to visit Sylvie and Martin – Cat was there so we had a quick 30min visit and gave Sylvie her b’day pressie. Cat & Anna were pretty knackered so they were very keen to head on back to their accommodation.

I went down to Haven Fish & Chip shop and got some take aways for dinner and cruised off home.
I had a really good drive home. Didn’t struggle to keep my eyes open at all.
Listened to the radio all the way and caught up on all the news of the day.
Found out there had been a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Gisborne the night before. Nothing like being 24hours behind on news like that in your own country!!
Found some pics here and some news here about it if you are interested.

I finally got home at 11pm.
Unloaded all the ice and perishables from the Safari and spent an hour opening unwinding from the day while I sorted through the mailbag and reading emails.
I then had a quick spa to totally unwind and finally got to bed around 12:30am.

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