Sheep work and cooking

The past few days have been occupied with moving stock in preparation for shearing and food preparation.

I am tired of food
But am pleased with what I have made and accomplished.

Tim has been taking the troops put for early morning and late evening musters as the sheep do not move well in the heat of the day. Last night they drafted up the sheep to sort out the ewes and lambs. Only the lambs we are keeping were being shorn.

I was not willingly rising from my bed, no reason to get up, it was a lovely Sunday sunny morning and I had a good book and I was really tired. But then there were people coming and going so I had to get up and get moving.
Our lovely Israeli family left in their big camper van. It was so lovely having them here and the children all played so nicely despite the language barrier.

Cat & Anna’s friend Eric arrived with Cat’s car. They left Nelson in Charlotte’s yacht and were heading this way. Stopping a night on a mooring just south of French Pass. Eric has been helping Tim with some mechanical work. Help that Tim does not turn down!

Anson arrived home last night and this morning was up and at’em bright and early.
He started shearing at 7:30am so I was up early preparing food for the crew and also for tomorrow.
When the girls got back from cleaning The Croft I sent them down to the shed with my camera.
Here is what came back…
Mahalia & Hercules

Shoshannah & Jynx

sheep waiting in the back stalls for their haircuts.

Anson shearing

and his apprentice Nathan crackin’ out a few too

The team – cousin Phillip Shand came around to help out too.

Eva & Mahalia

Alex & Sabine with Anson

At lunch time we spotted a yacht approaching.
And yes, it was – Captain Charlotte with her crew – Cat & Anna
PICT4244 PICT4248 PICT4251

Anson finished the shearing before afternoon smoko.
I had crashed out on my bed with my book as I knew he didn’t want smoko in the shed.
I got up to find Azzan giving him a haircut.
I just love the intensity happening here
PICT4255 PICT4258
and if that side of the clippers don’t work then you just tip’em over …….
don’t you??

The weather has packed up.
It is raining and blowing and definitely cooler tonight.
Tim popped around to Elaine Bay before dinner to get fuel so we all crashed out in front of a dvd while we ate dinner.
Ever since I saw ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ on the airplane last year when I was coming back from the USA I had been wanting the family to see it. I finally managed to track a copy down in NZ last week. So we watched it. It is such a cool movie. The 2nd sitting for me was just as good as the first.

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