Brianna left early this morning to go to Blenheim.
Sunni was flying in from Vancouver and is coming to visit us for just 3 days.
She took Tim’s Safari and towed the trailer to pick up mussel floats.
There is never a wasted journey in or out of here – gotta make each kilometer pay

Eva, Sabine and I got industrious this morning.
Had a good clean up around the outside areas.
I went up to see Tim about a couple of things – that was after I had sent up two messengers who never returned.
And found 7 men standing around jawing!
And they say women talk.
Well, we were actually working and trying to instigate some from their camp.
But it was very slow progress today.

While we waited upon their assistance in a few matters….

Azzan found a recipe in my book for an egg dish that he wanted to cook for lunch.
So Eva assisted him.
He peeled the potatoes – took ages to do just 3, had to stop in the middle to find a plaster for his finger that he peeled by mistake!!
Sabine tackled the washing while they were busy.
Mahalia did a superb job of vacuuming the living room too.
Then she did a bit of interesting cooking too. The two of them kept Eva on her toes

Then the omelete was ready and they took it out into the sunshine to enjoy – direct from the pan.
Azzan was so proud of his lunch – great effort matey boy

We had been given a set of dark blue tubular bunks a while back and they have been up in the shed waiting for somewhere to live.
I asked Azzan if he would like them in his room and he did.
He got it all sussed that he could have a spare bed for a visitor or if one of the girls had a visitor then the other could come sleep in his top bunk

But to get the guys to actually get the bunks down and then find the bolts to hold it together, well, it did take a while. They seemed to be in slow motion today.
Finally Anson delivered them to the door – there was no way they were coming inside covered in mud so I got Alex to give them a good clean.

While he did that the girls began to clean out Azzan’s room.
Then Azzan decided that it would be a great idea to paint his room.
Mainly because in his past he had been an artist and had decorated the walls with black felt pen-!!
Mind you he was pretty proud of his artistry – can you see his name in there?

We found the paint and the girls got underway.
Azzan was in fine fettle and had the roller in the paint and paint on the wall before they could turn around.
PICT4306 PICT4308
Thankfully he burned out before too long and left them to finish the job.
The paint was a slightly darker shade than previous so I got them to only paint to half way up thewalls because it is a small room and I didn’t want it too dark.

While they were busy painting Alex waterblasted the deck – looks lovely and clean now.

We got a phone call from Brianna. They had gotten to Okiwi Bay and the Safari refused to start. They were stranded. So Tim hopped into my Safari and went to their rescue. He left around 3pm.

Anson recruited Alex, Cat & Anna to go mustering. He wanted to get the sheep in before the rain hit.
They were a tad late. The rain came and it was freezing. So they left the sheep up in the airstrip to hopefully dry off tonight for tomorrow.

Seb spent most of the day around at Waterfall Bay helping Mike. That was after he did vege prep for me. He ran home in the rain around the track.

I cut out some stencils using the pictures in Azzan’s curtains so the girls could paint pictures around the join in the paint. They did a brilliant job.



When we took Azzan in at dinner time to see his room he was totally delighted.
I said ‘isn’t it good’
To which he promptly replied ‘It’s GREAT!!!’

The black felt pen which he wanted to cover just would not be covered no matter how many coats were applied – it shone gaily through every layer of paint. So I guess Azzan’s artistry will be there for posterity

I suggested that he could sleep somewhere else tonight to give the paint time to dry properly before moving his bunks in. But no way! He was sleeping in his own room.
So Anson dragged a mattress in for him and he is sleeping on the floor.

When Brianna finally made it home around 9pm she popped in to see his room and he was lying there just gazing at all the pictures.

Tim just couldn’t manage to tow his Safari up the last wee hill. The rain we had had this evening had made the road way to wet and greasy. So he left it there and Sunni walked. Said it was too scary to ride. Don’t blame her – I would’ve walked too. It had been a very slow trip as he was towing the other Safari and the trailer. The had two hail storms at Okiwi while waiting the 2 hours for Tim to arrive. They also had a bad experience at the Cafe/Bar there. Terrible abusive service – or non-service would be more to the point. Certainly will not be recommending anyone to go there. It is not the first complaint I had heard. Don’t honestly know how they stay in business.

Nathan, Anna, Eric and Alex all went swimming after dinner. It was freezing cold, a southerly has just blown through – they are all mad!
They then came and spent ages in the spa.
So long in fact that it had cooled down considerably by the time Tim and I hopped in. So we got out feeling rather chilled tonight – brrrr.

The children watched ‘My Fair Lady’ before dinner. It is such a classic movie. They love the songs. Azzan is going around now singing his own rendition of ‘The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain’
or is that ‘The rain on Spain usually falls on the plain’

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  1. It’s nice that you remembered to take a photo of Azzan’s original artwork.  What fun for him — a new bed, new pictures on the wall — I can totally understand why he’d stay awake to take it all in.    (Laughing at his interpretation of the song. )

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