A shearing lesson.

Eric helped Cat change the oil in her yacht today.
It was a rather messy job

Anson mustered down some more lambs this morning.
He shore them all before lunch.

Cat decided to have a go to see how much she remembered.

Anna was shed handing for Anson.
We decided she needed to have a lesson.
Here is a blow by blow account….
for those of you who are not interested then you have a delete button

PICT4338 PICT4339 PICT4340 PICT4341 PICT4342 PICT4343 PICT4344 PICT4345 PICT4346 PICT4347 PICT4349 PICT4350 PICT4351 PICT4352
All finished.
She then spent the next 5 minutes apologising to the sheep for cutting it!!!

I am most impressed with Anson’s ability to instruct. He is so good. He never gets in a state, he is calm and helpful.
I think he will do well as a shearing instructor in the future.

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