Sunni’s home :-)

We have had a lovely laid back couple of days with Sunni.
We all thought Ryan was coming too but she arrived alone.
He had stayed up in Auckland with his folks.

Life has just ticked on as per normal.
Yesterday Tim decided to take a crew out scalloping. So they all loaded up and left around 11am.
Sunni and the 3 youngest stayed back with me.
Seb went up and manned Waterfall Bay so Mike could go.

We had a blissful day.
Just chilled.
Sunni and the kids did some cooking and dinner prep.
PICT4322 PICT4324
We did a bit of school work.
Mahalia got to the very last lesson in her reading book but would not do it with me.
She had to wait for Anna to come home to do it with her.

We watched a movie ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’
They still weren’t home.

Finally they arrived at 6pm.
A very long scalloping session and they only caught 3 scallops.
They caught 8 blue cod and fried them up for lunch as they had not gone prepared to stay out so long and no one had any food.
So they were frantically trying to catch some fish for dinner.
They turned up with enough kahawai and a few cod to feed us all.

Today Mahalia got to read her final lesson in the book.
Great excitement

‘Now I get my prize’
PICT4329 PICT4331
Mahalia was so delighted with her Sylvanian horse and caravan. Anna was like a little kid squealing with delight over all the wee pots and pans etc.

Azzan has so enjoyed having Sunni home.
He is also very thrilled to have her as his first guest in his bunk tonight.

Shannie said to me tonight –
‘I love Sunni. It is good to have her home.
She doesn’t come home very often and I so enjoy having her home’

We grabbed a quick window in time tonight and took some very random family pics.
Jesika is not home but as it is so hard to get everyone together these days so I am thankful to get as many together in one place as I can. They all moan and groan about having family photos done –
tonight it was all a bit hypo – the younger ones were buzzing so it was quite hard to get any real good ones.
Here are the best of them –

PICT4374 PICT4377

the girls are a bit more co-operative and photogenic

the blokes were a bit….well…. a bit…..
more difficult to capture.
Azzan was not too happy by this stage.

Seb took some lovely ones of Tim and I –
I am normally behind the camera so thanks Seb

Tomorrow morning I am taking Sunni out to catch her plane back to Auckland to meet up with Ryan and then they both wing it back to Vancouver.

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