She’s leaving…on a jet plane….

I was up bright and early Saturday morning.
Sunni Azzan and I left just after 6:30am.

We had a good trip out, Azzan was a wee bit sick once.
But all well again to enjoy a steak & cheese pie at Rai Valley.

It was a funny morning.
Mid summer and the grass was heavy with dew in Okiwi Bay and the fog was down over Rai Valley – weird weather.

We stopped at Pelorus to visit Ruth and Ruby for half an hour.
It’s been two years since Sunni came home.
She did pop down briefly to visit Granny before she left for Vancouver.

We were able to spend an hour with Granny before Azzan and I took Sunni to the airport.

The airport was buzzing.
We have not seen Blenheim airport that busy before
We had 30mins to wait before the good-byes had to be said….
Azzan decided he really couldn’t go with Sunni this time – Mum still needs him

PICT4411 PICT4412
But he had to wait at the window until he saw her board and the plane taxi off.

As we drove back into town we followed the plane heading north – he followed it as it disappeared into the clouds.

So long Sunni – it has been a lovely visit and we look visit to your return later on next year

I decided to fuel up – there were queues from the pumps out onto the road. It was quite interesting watching 4WD’s & boat trailers and huge camper vans trying 2 manoeuvre and cars coming in the wrong way and getting cornered. We finally got our diesel and as Azzan chose his ice cream there were 2 checkouts operating and then one had a major problem so had to shut – talk about having a system break down at the wrong time

We popped back to see Gran briefly and then visited my friend Chris. She made us a sandwich for lunch. Azzan had fun playing with Bailey while we chatted. Then we had to do the supermarket shopping. I have not come across so many crying children in a supermarket for years. It must have been a bad day. Even Azzan was concerned about them What got me though was the inattention the parents were paying to these distraught kids. They were just totally ignoring them.

We managed to get out of town around 4ish, bought cherries on the way and munched on them. Called into visit Pam and Paul at Okaramio. Their son John and his wife Jen were home from Tanzania with their wee man Ben – just 5 months old. We had a lovely hour with them before moving on towards home.

We got to Cissy Bay at 8pm and popped down to visit our friend Alan who had not long returned home from an extended period in hosp and recovery with his daughter. While I chatted with him Azzan had fun playing a Silly Will Weasel game. I can see what is going to be on his next wish list

We left at 9pm. Azzan had been asleep when we arrived at Alan’s but he was percolating well by the time we left. He was asking if we could buy this movie and that game etc.
I said to him that they had enough movies and toys to last them for a life time and I wouldn’t be buying any for ages.
To which he replied ‘Can we sort them out and take the ones we don’t want up to Waterfall Bay?’
(I am sure there is an alterior motive here. If they get taken to WB then he still gets to play with them )
I asked him which ones he wanted to get rid of.
He said with a sigh ‘Can we discuss this in the morning?’

We met Tim and Anson at our gate mustering sheep in the dusk light.
When we got to the house only Nathan was awake watching a movie.
Anson made Azzan some dinner and then Tim tucked him into bed.
It was a long day but fun.
He is a chatterbox and delightful travelling companion.

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