The Road to a Friends House is Never Long! – remember that if you come to visit us :-)

Monica & I left home just before 7am today.

We headed up our road
to the top and drove through our Boundary paddock.
It was a beautiful clear calm and warm morning.
Zipping along, over cattle stops.
Fewer of these on the road now as the farms are being sold and land de-stocked.
Met some local critters who move off the road at their leisure, not our request!

Admiralty Bay was a mirror this morning
quite different from last Saturday

and then on around more corners and up hills
until we get to the best view ever – I never tire of this.
Every time I drive out I love to stop and look across the bottom of D’Urville Island and northwards through French Pass
Monica had to capture it too just before we meandered away from the pasture lands into the bush.
Through the Garnes/Saville Reserve
Nearly at Canoe Bay
And finally,
Voilà! Tarseal – yippee
here we are at the Elaine Bay turnoff.
Mind you, tarseal does not mean the end of the hills or multitudinous bends and corners to navigate around. It just means you are more likely to meet a huge truck somewhere where you least expect it

And down McLarens Hill we zip and zig and zag..
and at the bottom for the unwary is…..
the one way bridge.
Been caught out here a time or two

Then through Moncriefs Reserve
and up another small hill
and down the other side to
holiday homes
Okiwi Bay
The first, or last, which ever way you happen to be approaching, toilet stop on the trip-!!

Then it is onwards and upwards over the Ronga Saddle and at last we get to make a decision
Which way shall we go??

Well, we could always turn around and go home

Not today.
We continue to wend our way over more hills to Nelson
on State Highway 6.
Can you see it there amongst the bush?

We got to Nelson, Monica dashed into Starbucks for our brekky fix and then the rain began.
We had jobs to do.
So we ducked and dived from car to shop to car to the next shop.
It finally came in so heavy that we were actually getting wet.

By then it was time for my dentist appointment so I left Monica at the Info Centre.
James found thankfully that there is no abscess yet.
And that the copious amounts of Vit C and Garlic I have been taking is actually helping the low grade infection to subside.
He prescribed some antibiotics to try and stop it in it’s tracks.
If it does not calm down by next week then I have no option than to have it pulled.
There is not enough real tooth left to save this time

Disaster struck
I discovered to my horror that the necklace that Tim gave me when I was 16, that I have worn continuously ever since, was not there.
My nexk was naked.
The catch of the chain must have malfunctioned and it had dropped off somewhere in my running about in the rain.

I am totally gutted and am now trying to find photos of me with it showing clearly enough to be able to show to insurance and jewellers so I can have it remade.
It is very unusual, I have never seen another like it.
It had a large teardrop shaped Amethyst in it with a pearl set in a very old fashioned gold setting.
Apart from the sentimental side of things – I actually treasure it way more than my wedding ring – it is actually worth quite a lot of money.

I found Monica and we went clothes shopping at Mariposa.
I just LOVE that store.
We had such fun, and came away with a few more necessary articles of clothing

Popped across the street to Morrison St Cafe and met Bri & Anna for lunch.
Just squeaked our orders in before the 2:30pm deadline.

We parted company after that Bri had to go to the physio, the girls carried on shopping.
They are heading down the West Coast on a road trip for a week.

I zipped up to the gym and did my work out then met up with Tereza from Czech Republic.
We wen to The Warehouse and Countdown and the got a heap of hire dvds and pizza for dinner.
Picked up Tereza’s friend Bara and headed out of the city around 7am.

The rain had stopped by this stage and the fog was lifting so we had a good clear trip home.
Bara didn’t appreciate all the corners and spent the trip with the window right down trying to contain the cherries she had just eaten.

Finally at 9:30pm we got to the gate.
The moon was glorious and full.
It kept on disappearing behind the clouds.
Tim said that the bay was totally whited out today as the winds were so strong.
I think I did my travelling at the right times today

Time for bed now.

Quick Emma update first though.
She text me today to say she has done a ‘Lazurus’.
Praise the Lord
She is feeling a lot better and has been able to hold the wee man and is also now able to express to feed him.
Wonderful news.
A big thanks from her to all of you who have been praying and supporting her.

In her words
‘Thanx 4 rallyn da saints!

3 thoughts on “The Road to a Friends House is Never Long! – remember that if you come to visit us :-)

  1. Oh, I just loved all of your pictures.  I just have to come and visit sometime.  That would be wonderful.
    That picture of Parker and Morgan on my blog is an old one.  Notice their little baby teeth?  I loved Morgan’s little haircut in that one, but she wants to grow it down to her waist now.  It’s a little over half way there!  I’m going to change that photo from time to time just for something different.
    Hope you get that tooth taken care of!  Sounds painful!

  2. Wow!  Your life seems like non stop excitement!  And you live in such a beautiful place-I’m jealous!   Happy Birthday (sorry it’s late), it sounds as though you had a very relaxing one.  Those are the best.

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