Catching up

Wed morn sorta disappeared fairly quickly.
I was up at the crack of dawn to fit my walk in before the day went crazy.
Tim and the guys left early to do mussel work – we are finally having some harvests done.
They were sposed to begin back in August but it has just been too dry and conditions not right for fattening.

Then the two Israeli girls left – they had stayed longer due to the storm.
It was such a fortuitous meeting – they hadn’t known about us until they met up with the 2 Israeli guys who were booked to come in. They all came together, the guys could only stay one night but the girls stayed on and on and on – and would’ve stayed on longer if they could’ve.
In fact they are threatening to come back – we will welcome them with open arms when they do

Mahalia has disappeared while I was in town.
She has taken up residence with Christine and the Davidson children at Bush Inn.
It is so quiet when just one child is removed from the equation-!!

I had a VERY long catch up call with Phillipa.
It was great.
We talk frequently but usually just for quick info calls.
So a 2 hour deep and meaningful call was a special time.
Made easier because I now have 3 cordless phones in the house and I could carry on doing things while talking.
In fact my stove top got a good clean for the first time in a while – thanks Phillipa

Cat helped to organise the 2 new wwoofers while I was occupied.
Finally got some shrubs planted that had been sitting at the backdoor for weeks waiting to find the right place.

Because I get up and go walking in the morning I am dressed but not showered and some mornings once I set foot in the house life just takes over and I don’t actually get to find the shower until much later in the day. BEMW (Before Early Morning Walks) if I got up and put on my dressing gown and started to get things underway – it was pretty jolly obvious that I wasn’t decent to face the world, so I would get to the shower a lot earlier. Nowadays I keep on getting caught out and Wed was one of those days. Finally after dealing with heaps of calls and visits a neighbour arrived in his boat after lunch. So I decided it was time!

My day was also a little difficult cuz I was realising that I had made quite a mistake in accepting the last minute wwoofer I had brought home the night before. She was just not gelling with us. It does happen occasionally, but once it happens and esp so early in the visit I find myself having to work out how to diplomatically getting them to leave. Most folk rub along really well, we do get one or three that are a bit ‘different’ but then just occasionally we get someone who just rubs us all up the wrong way – and now is that time

Shannie, Tereza, & Rie went kayaking around to Jack’s Beach to spend the afternoon with the rest of the children. Christine had organised a picnic there for them.

Tim & I took our lunch down to The Cottage and had a chat with the crew down there. It was a nice interlude to the day.
But after a while I found myself nodding off so while it was quiet I came back home and had a of a rest.
I was quite weary. It was a bit of a struggle to drag myself off the bed to get dinner prepared at 5pm.

After dinner I blobbed out in front of a movie.

Thursday –
My alarm woke me at 5:30am. I am setting my cell alarm at 8 hour intervals to remember to take my antibiotics. At this point they seem to be working, my tooth has settled a lot. Just have to pray it will continue to improve and not keep niggling.

Tim, Steve & Seb were back out doing mussel work – Tim likes to leave by 7am to catch the early morning stillness. He does not like working on the mussel lines when it is windy. He is most fortunate that he can have that preference because we live on site.

I went for a walk and then got Nathan to take Rie and Bara up to Waterfall Bay in the dinghy to help Mike for the day. Tereza helped me. I don’t think we really did a lot. I was planning on getting the school room cleaned up – once again it has become the dumping zone. Cat told me that the hole in the hall ceiling is going to lead into a storage area. Great news! At long last we might have somewhere to actually store things and not have to move spare bedding etc around the house. But until it is completed I will continue to juggle boxes.

Anyway, I never did get to the school room. I did actually walk in there and around it and then came straight back out. Too hard. I was too tired to think about it.

We were having lunch and Brynn and Jo arrived for a visit. It was great catching up with them. Brynn worked for us when Anson was a baby – 1995/96. The marker for remembering this is that he was here when the Mikhail Lermentov sank in Port Gore.

Steve and Tereza went on a long walk around the farm – Steve had done it on Tuesday and Tereza wanted to see it all as well. She is a bright wee button – very enthusiastic & pleasant to have around.

Azzan has taken to asking me if he can use my camera to take photos. So I out the strap around his neck and turn it on and off he trots. He takes a few and then comes back happy as Larry. Most of them I have to delete as they are blurry. But this time he actually captured his magnetic sculpture very nicely.

After they left I went and lay down on my bed and slept. Once again I had to hurriedly wake myself to get dinner finished. While I was waiting for everyone to arrive in I got a few batches of butter made to put in the freezer and also got 2 loaves of wheat free bread on the go for Tim.

Hazel (Seb’s friend) is visiting this week. It has been really nice getting to know her. She is a delightful girl. Azzan has also been enjoying her company. They both helped me make the bread and get dinner finished last night along with the 3 critters that my children were given at the ‘Just Because’ party at Bush Inn.

For once everyone turned up for dinner pretty much on time. I just hate preparing food and then having people either coming in real late or not coming at all and then finding food disappearing at random hours of the night. It is so hard to budget the food when that happens. When we only get to town intermittently and I am feeding around 12-15 plus people each meal I have to have a handle on the amounts. Food is not cheap either and I hate waste.

Mahalia arrived home for dinner too. She was looking very partied out.

It was such an amazing evening that after dinner the children all took off down to the beach. Tim was down on the wharf getting the mussel rope gantry set up for the girls to do the ropes this morning. I think it was close to 9:30pm before we managed to get them into their beds-!!

By this stage I was beside myself with tiredness. I had forgotten though to cook the bread so I had to wait up for it to finish. I waited for Tim to get in and shower and then I fell into the spa. Decided last night that today I would take it quietly and not head of early for a walk. So set my alarm for 6am instead and I woke just before it. Have had a good catch up here on the computer and now I am going to hop in the shower before today disappears……..

One thought on “Catching up

  1. Not to keep saying so, but it sounds so summery. It is so cold here this week. Well, not cold by Montana standards, but cold for us. I want to be warm again.
    I am so proud of you for getting out and walking. I need to do it.

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