Another hot day.

Today went pretty well really.
Tim & Seb went out early to finish the mussel work.
Nathan took the girls down to the wharf and showed them how to do the mussel ropes and sand the boat.
Cat and Steve made a start on Anson’s abode.

I made dinner & muffins while Nathan & Hazel baked cakes.
It was so hot today.
At one stage it was 25’C inside and later this arvo it was 34’C out on the verandah.
That is hot for here – I know it isn’t for those of you who endure temps of 42’C plus. But it is all relative and when I say it was hot, it was!!
Everyone was wilting at lunch time so they all went swimming.

Louisa came on the mailboat and collected her three darlings. I am not too sure who most pleased to see Louisa – the children or the grandmother
PICT4859_2 PICT4864_2
They are off to have a week with their Dad now.
It was lovely for them to have the mailboat trip rather than the drive – much more relaxing for them all.

Cat & Steve carried on building afterwards.
I went to have a rest but ended up chatting on the phone to my bro instead.
It was nice to have a catch up as we hadn’t talked in a while.
He has been pretty cut up over losing his old dog and then a week later his wife’s horse.

Got the rest of dinner underway with Hazel’s help. Iced the cakes and then put on my walking shoes and walked around to Waterfall Bay. It was a good walk, lovely in the bush as it wasn’t so hot.
PICT4867 PICT4868
I haven’t walked through there in a while – it was all over grown with several fallen trees blocking the way and felt all jungley.

Christine rowed around from Bush Inn.
Charlotte was at her yacht and she and Wendy had taken a cruise in her rubber ducky around the bay whilst waiting for us.
Tim was last to arrive in his dinghy.
There were 3 or 4 dolphins were playing right in close to the shore tonight.

Wendy had begun dinner and Mike completed the preparations.
It was delicious. Roast chicken and fresh vegetables and good company.
We had a very relaxed and friendly evening.

Only stresses of the night were that the blasted freezers are playing up and Tim & Mike had to juggle stuff to make room for the fishing party’s fish. It is a 4 day party so they need quite a lot of room.

We have just enjoyed a zippy ride back in the dinghy and now I am off to bed.

One thought on “Another hot day.

  1. I had to convert the Celsius to Fahrenheit so it was between 77 and 93 degrees.  93 sounds pretty hot but 77 sounds pleasant to me.  That may be because we had temps hovering around 110 degrees this past summer-it was awful!  Blech

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