Last night we went to sleep with the sound of the southerly pounding in on the shore.
This morning it had blown itself out and the bay was mirror calm.

I left home a little later than normal this morning – the sun was already on the house

I went walking along here…..

this would have to be better than pounding the concrete pavements or working out at the gym – wouldn’t it?

I get glimpses through the pine trees of home on the way back

Aren’t telephoto lenses great!

Especially when you can use them to see way over to Waterfall Bay…

Tim took Steve out to cut up a tree that had fallen over the road and then to muster some cattle.
Tereza & Tristan finished the mussel ropes and cleaned the Cottage.
The children cleaned their rooms and I began to clear the school room.
That was after I had cooked dinner.
Hence the reason I never got too far with the school room.
One day I am going to get a good run at it with out being interrupted by organising food or people-!!

Azzan came and told me that his room was ‘deliciously clean’
That was after days of trying to convince him to tidy it to my specifications – not his!!

Richard arrived just as we were clearing lunch. So we sat and talked for quite a while.
Steve & Tristan went fishing in the double kayak – they were gone until very late this evening.
They came home with some cod so were most proud.

The children watched ‘We of the Never Never’ A great Australian classic story.
Tim took Richard up to Waterfall to have a look and see if he liked the prospect of care-taking it for us.

The answer is Yes!
So we now have an official long term caretaker – yahoo!

They arrived back just in time for dinner so we talked some more and more.
Then Tim went mustering again and I put the children to bed.

And so the evening went…..
and it is off to bed for him and off to bed for me

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  1. Hi. I spent time last night (while the kids were playing Scattergories) reading up on all your posts that I’d been missing. I was called away before I’d commented but it was a blessing to hear your doings again. I love the walk one (above) and the drive out one (before). It helps me get more of an idea of what those activities entail. Your walk one reminds me again of how nice it is to live in a place that one loves. I got a kick out of the dancing pictures in your living room too. What are your big people doing in your attic?!

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