I was up at 5:30am Tuesday.
Went straight out for my walk.
It was so cool to be walking along the track at that hour – it was light but pre sunrise.
The birds were dawn chorusing, the cicada’s were chirping deafeningly in the trees and the wind was blowing warmly around me as I got to the points.

Had a good start to the day.
Tim and Nathan & the 2 guys took off out to begin the yearly weeding programme.
We have a map each year of the farm and as they complete each block it is coloured in to show how much is done and what is remaining. Gives great incentive to see all those red lines increasing each day.

Seb stayed home to do some school work.
Tereza spent the morning cleaning the Cottage.
I began making dinner but as Cat was insisting I delegate – which I usually do – I asked Seb to do The Pumpkin.
It had been a unanimous decision from him and Cat that we have Pumpkin & feta salad. I am happy to make it but cutting and skinning the pumpkin into cubes is very tedious. So the agreement was that Seb would do that.

Cat biked to work around midday.
Then a friend of Seb’s zoomed into the bay in his dinghy from across the waters.
So guess what?
Seb got occupied for the rest of the afternoon and the pumpkin remained as it was until around 5ish.

I continued with the delegating.
Nate came home and after lunch he made mushroom stroganoff.
Shannie began scrubbing the potatoes.
Tereza finished them and made a salad.
Azzan wanted to make a hidden treasure dessert so I helped him with that – pretty basic really – mix an instant pudding and fold in choc chips and lollies – too jolly sweet for me but he had found the recipe in Shannie’s Scooby Doo magazine and just had to make it. He loves those recipes

Tereza took the children swimming which was great. They love to get down to the water at least once a day.
Hali & Azzan had been on the beach earlier int he day and found heaps of crabs.

In the meantime I was beginning to make progress in my bedroom with sorting out art gear – basically moving stuff, sorting and getting rid of rubbish and excess boxes so far.
I called my friend Bethel in Oz and had a lovely catch up chat.

It was now getting quite late but I was able to begin the pumpkin salad.
(If you want the recipe let me know – it is wonderful )
Consequently by the time I finished it, it was near 7pm and I was beyond tired.

Steve, Tereza & Tristan quickly washed up the dishes and rounded up sleeping bags and bed rolls so they could get up the hill.
They were sleeping up there so they could catch the sun set, stars and sun rise.

Tim had to go kill some muttons so Seb put the children to bed for me.
I was just way too tired to do anything.
I crashed out on the couch and watched ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’.
Must admit is was amusing seeing Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio as young fellas!

I was feeling totally anti social and just needed time for me with NO ONE around me.
So when Bri & Anna arrived home around 9pm they didn’t get any response from mother.
That is until they and Seb decided at 9:45pm to hop in the spa.
Tim and I always have our time in there around 10 so they were booted out just a few minutes after they got in.
It definitely was don’t mess with mother night!!!

I didn’t even read my book last night.
Tim was up at 5:30am today and I dragged myself out soon after to make up some sandwiches for the 3 up the hill.
Tim & Seb have gone up to get them and they will do a run on the weeds while it is cool.
It has dawned very cloudy with a lowish fog so I think they have missed sunrise today.

I am skipping my walk this morning – may go for one later on.
Got a really busy day today as I am off to town tomorrow with the 4 children and have to prepare for a catered party this weekend.
Am cooking for 10 guys for 3 days.
A breeze I know after catering for 15 here most days.
But when they are paying $$ for it you always feel more conscious of what you are serving.

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  1. I love Johnny Depp, in anything (I even loved him in 21 Jump Street, lol!). You are doing so well fitting in your early morning walks and still being able to be awake in the spa at around 10pm! xoxoxo javascript:selectMini(145)

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