Monday & Tuesday in a nutshell

Monday – Tim was planning to go and do mussel work but it began to blow so he and Matt went out grubbing weeds instead.
I did some school work with the children.
But after a week off it was hard going.
We managed to get Math and Reading done.
Took ALL morning – how tedious-!!

We were all very relieved to get out of there at lunch time.
The afternoon disappeared into my computer.
I am trying to organise our trip to Oz and looking up places and accommodation all takes time on dial up
Tim & Matt went and got a load of firewood.
Our guests arrived into The Croft – I actually forgot they were coming but they didn’t seemed too fazed by that!

Nathan baked a huge moki that Cat had speared on their last D’Urville trip.
I had steak.
I am not a baked fish girl.
I am glad it gives Tim & the others great pleasure to eat it but I can’t handle it.

Cat arrived home alone.
Anna has gone to stay with her Mum while her ankle heals.
Sounds like Cat had a great weekend.

Today I am getting ready to go to town again.
Nathan is going to a home schoolers First Aid day.
As I was the one who instigated it for him I really do have to go
It has taken a bit of juggling cuz I have to put the Safari into the garage soon after 7:30am for the wheel bearings to be fixed and Nathan’s day is way out on the other side of town.
They have promised me a courtesy car so hopefully it will all go smoothly.
I just have to get Nathan to a friends house by 8:45am and she will take him to the day.
That will leave me hopefully free to get a few things done.

It is a gloriously calm and sunny day today.
Tim & Matt have gone out early this morning to do mussel work.
Cat didn’t have to go to work till 9 today as the police were coming in to fingerprint the boat.
Apparently someone thought they needed the tools on board more than she and Noel do so they removed them over the weekend – man there are some heinous people around.

The three young ones are doing a massive clean out in their bedrooms.
Hali has decided to move in with Azzan.
So that gives Shanni a room to herself.
But we will see how long it lasts – probably not too long knowing them-!!
In the meantime it is a good reason to clean their rooms

We are all going around to visit Carol after lunch on our way to town.
We will drop off the food and wood and then I will head out to town.
Dropping Seb off at Rai Valley so he can hitch his way through to Blenheim and collect his baby from Mum’s garage.
Tim will get a load of fuel at Elaine Bay and then head back home again.

I have been having an interesting time surfing the net this morning and have found a wonderful place to visit in Oz.
It is Sovereign Hill
Looks great, so we may take advantage of their package deals.

In between the surfing I have made 2 loaves of bread for Tim and some muffins, had breakfast and delegated chores to the children.
I now need to go shower and chuck some overnight bits in a bag and get organised.
Tim has promised he will be back at midday – heard that one before too
Let’s hope he surprises me today.

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