Fun times

Well, Tim did surprise me and nearly caught me out on Tuesday-!!
I saw the boat returning before midday so I had to race through the shower.
We all grabbed a quick lunch loaded up and headed around the road.
Shanni stayed back with matt and they swam and fished the afternoon away.

An hour later we got to the turn off to Canoe Bay.
I have lived here 30 years and this is the first time I have been down.
Crazy eh?
We are usually so intent on getting to where we have to go we don’t visit our neighbours.
It was a long but very lovely meandering drive down.
Took me 15 mins to get to the house.
We found Rossi & Doug there and Carol sleeping peacefully under the tree out front.

We enjoyed afternoon tea while we waited for Tim to arrive.
He had a heavy load on so was a lot slower than me.
When he arrived they unloaded the firewood
I sat and chatted with Rossi and Carol in the sunshine
and the two little ones enjoyed playing on the beach with the puppy Tai
Tim had a quick drink and chat and then we had to head away.

Tim took he two young’uns and went to Elaine to get fuel and then back home again.

I zoomed into Rai Valley, dropped Seb there just before 5pm and he hitched a ride through to Blenheim.
He stayed the night and then drove his new baby home.
I zipped over the hills to Nelson and got there just on 5:30pm.
Dropped Nathan at Starbucks and headed up the stairs to do a work out at Curves.
Then we moseyed through the supermarket, got some food for his lunch the next day and for dinner and headed up to cousin Phil’s for the night.

Wednesday I was up bright and early.
Had a quick breakfast with Phil and then headed down to the garage to leave the Safari there for a few hours.
They had a zippy wee automatic Bluebird for me to use.
So good to drive around town in after the tank-!!
Got Nathan out to Richmond half an hour early and when we got out of the car realised he had left his day pack in the Safari. So we tore down to the village and I got him another notebook and pen.
Back to Ainsley’s, still had plenty of time – oh the joy of being early for once-!!

They left around 8:45 so I headed back into town.
Parked up and did a few walking jobs in the city centre.
I had to return a top to The Warehouse and while I was browsing there found they had beach towels on half price special – so of course I had to load up with those. Our towels are looking very old and sad.
The garage called to say the Safari was finished so I went back to Tahunanui to collect it then off to pick up Tim’s mussel ropes and the dive bottle etc.
Then a call from Phil to say Nate had left some clothes behind.
Talk about blonde boys!!!
Zipped up the hill and got it and by this time Phillipa was close so we met up for lunch at Oasis.

As she was parking she realised her wallet was at home.
I have very strong memories of that happening to me not too long ago so I was very glad I had finished most of my jobs and I was able to hop aboard her trusty stead and go shopping with her.
We had an enjoyable lunch and then headed to the No1 Shoe warehouse.
Great fun.
I actually found 3 pairs of shoes that fit me.
Wow! That was miraculous.
I bought 2 and the 3rd pair was just a bit wacky so I wasn’t too sure whether or not to buy them.
But Phillipa liked them on me (gotta blame someone for the extra purchase) and when I went back to find them again they were still sitting there all lonely like waiting for me to take them home.
So I did-!!

We parted company then and I headed back to Curves to have a work out.
Then I met up with Marianne from Norway – a friend of Bri’s.
She & I went and got the groceries while waiting for Nathan.
I think she had a lot of fun seeing the crazy bulk way I shop!
She was catching loaves of bread as they fell off the trolly and hooning about looking for things for me.

Nathan’s first aid day went extremely well, finished an hour later than planned.
We hit rush hour in Richmond so getting fuel on the main drag was a bit of an act.
Especially when you get into the wrong lane at the lights and then turn into the fuel station in the opposite direction to all the other motorists!!!

We finally collected Nate, chatted with Ainsley and came away with a big bag of her yummy grapes.
Zoomed back into Nelson, flew through Countdown and then got to Starbucks in time to get our last frappaccino for the day.
They have introduced a brand new flavour – it is di-lectable – Dulce de Leche – so YUM

We managed to leave Nelson before 7pm.
Had a good trip home.
It was fast as we were trying to catch the light to show Marianne the best views before it got dark.
We managed to catch most of them and even got to visit with Syth’s llamas in the headlights

We past Seb & Matt on the way down our road – they were spotlighting for possums.
We unpacked and unwound and then hit the hay.
Tim and I had a delightful spa first – the moon was just coming up over the hills and through the clouds.
It was beautiful.

This morning dawned fine and clear.
Tim & Matt went out and did mussel work for a few hours.
Marianne and the 3 children went kayaking – after Shanni had shown her the chickens etc.
Nathan is continuing with his bedroom clean up and Seb is doing his maths.

Here are some photos of the beautiful shrub outside of my study window.
It is the most glorious plant.
It is green and white and rust and brown and orange – all depending on the light.
Looking down the path it is on the left
and with the sun on it is is russet
the bumble bees love it and were working furiously this morning in the heat of the sun.

As I was taking the photos I caught a gorgeous whiff of the most beautiful flower.
It was the ginger – such a wonderful scent

It is now midday – I am catching up on mail, washing, and everything else I need to after 2 days away – so now I am going to go have my breakfast

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