A Wonderful Rainy Day :-)

Yesterday was yet another lovely sunny day.
I went for a walk and by the time I got back Tim & Matt were heading up the hill to grub another block of weeds.

Seb, Matt & Marianne had not returned from possum hunting until 2am so they were rather sleepy.
In fact I couldn’t rouse Seb till after 11am.

Marianne ate her breakfast in the sun with Azzan helping to plan the picnic that they wanted to go on.
Azzan has nicknamed her Flower.
Hali is Bambi and he is Thumper.
Never guess what story he has been listening too??

Anyway they all three packed up their food and headed up the hill.
Marianne was quite excited as she wanted to go walk on the farm.
But the children had other ideas.
They walked up the hill to just above the pig pen and picnicked there

Josie arrived on the mailboat and was very quickly assimilated into the madding crowd.
She and Matt took the children swimming while Marianne and I made Malayan Fish Dish for dinner.
Josie and Shanni made a treacle tart for dessert.
Josie was most particular about making the pastry just right so Shanni got a good cooking lesson – although I am not too sure how much of it stayed inside her blonde brain-!!

Bri called from The Land of Oz so we had a good catch up.
She is sounding really happy which is great

Last night Tim loaded up timber in preparation of his trip to town.
The children had finally cleaned up their room so I let them watch a new movie I had bought.
I got it at The Warehouse – it was priced at $14.99 and when I went through the checkout the girl almost apologetically said that it was scanning at $6. Well, I wasn’t complaining-!!
Anyway, it is called ‘Paulie’ – and we all sat and watched it before dinner.
It is so lovely and funny and poignant.
Well worth the $6

When I loaded my photos today I found a heap of random ones – someone had been using it – here are Matt with Jynx and Josie with Mo.
PICT5165 PICT5168

We all mostly had an early night – well sorta early.
I think I got to bed before 10:30pm.

Woke early this morning – around 4am.
Couldn’t sleep and was lying there wishing my art gear was still out in the living room so I could get up and play without disturbing anyone.
As it is in my bedroom now I can’t play while Tim is sleeping – bother it

I finally gave up listening to the radio ever so quietly and turned on my bed side light and read a while.
Then of course by the time Tim got up I was ready for sleep again.
I dragged myself out of bed at 7am and proceeded with the day.

Tim had promised to take the children out to the Rai Show. But the forecast was not at all good.
So there was a bit of humming and hawing.
It is a 2hour drive to get there for us so we didn’t want to risk setting out if it was raining there.
I called a friend near the show grounds – it was overcast and not raining then.
So the children got mentally geared up to go.
Then she called back an hour later – still overcast but misty around the hills.
So Tim had another look at the weather map and pulled the plug on the journey.
Thankfully he did cuz soon after it began to rain here and it has set in and is quite heavy.

Azzan was asked to dry the breakfast dishes
‘Is this the way it works??’

Seb took Matt & Josie up to Waterfall to help Richard with some gardening and Marianne went for a walk.
So I guess they will all be getting rather wet now.
Tim is happy though – we so desperately need the rain – he had heaps to do but is doing a happy dance anyway

As a consolation the children are allowed to watch ‘Surfs Up’
They are totally engrossed.
PICT5182 PICT5180
There was not a flinch or movement from any of them when I took these – note the concentration – must be a good movie-!!

I am going to go start wrapping Mahalia’s b’day presents now and sort out stuff that has been dumped most unceremoniously in my bedroom.

I would actually prefer to go back to bed –
– it is 9 days till I have to go to town to the dentist
– 14 days till I have to take the children to town to the Staying Alive Expo – home school visit involving 2 days
– it is only 15 days till Hali’s b’day
– 21 days till Shanni and I leave to head to the airport for our Australian trip

Soooooo, I better go and do.

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