Last night I was physically tired but not really ready to sleep so I watched a movie.
‘Man of the Year’ starring Robin Williams.
Handy that my bed is on the floor in front of Jesika’s computer
It was really good but didn’t finish till around 1am.
Sot this morning when Alex text me at 7:45am to say he would be at the restaurant in 15mins – I must admit I was a bit slow in my responses.

Shanni and I got showered and dressed and were about ready to head out the door when Gran got up and decided she would come too.
So we waited for her.
She was as quick as she could be.
I told her to head on out the door with Shanni and start walking and I would catch up as soon as I had locked the doors.
I knew breakfast would be finished serving at 9ish so didn’t want to be late.

I was struggling with the locks.
Couldn’t get the key to work in either of the front door locks – I was getting rather frustrated and contemplating what else I could do when Mum came walking back calling to me.
I didn’t know what she wanted but when she finally got back to me she walked in and said she had forgotten her teeth
I knew we had hurried her but really!!!

Then I discovered I was trying to lock Jesika’s front door with Granny’s door key – no wonder the stupid thing wouldn’t work – duh!
Got all that sorted and we walked down to the Clarion.
Alex and his friend Scott were waiting for us at the breakfast atrium.
Jesika was working.
It was the 2nd busiest morning for the year – so we really didn’t pick the right day did we?
Poor Jesika was getting rather tired by the time we showed up.
Mum then realised she had left her glasses behind – and after her not hearing us at all well – I asked he if she had also forgotten her hearing aid

We had a delicious breakfast with great service
PICT5889_2 PICT5890_2

Then as we were the last to finish Shanni helped Jesika to clear up and clean tables etc. She really enjoyed doing that.
We took her down to the hotel pool for a swim – the weather had cooled a heap so I wasn’t tempted at all to join her despite all her cajoling.
I did however roll up my pants legs and dangle my legs in the spa and give my feet a massage.

We then headed back home.
Left Gran and Shanni to chill for an hour while we power walked (well, I was power walking – Jesika was slowing for me!!) up to the rental car place.
We picked up our Toyota Camry and then came and got the others and went up to Glen Waverley to get groceries etc at the mall there. It was raining and cold so being inside a mall was actually not a bad choice.

We got back just in time to catch a phone call from home.
Shanni had a good catch up with everyone.
Then Alex and Jesika cooked dinner.
Our cousin Carlamia came for dinner.
It was so lovely to met her.
Shanni was being her normal entertaining self.
She and I really enjoyed the fresh fruit fondue that Jesika made.

Jesika and Alex were rather weary so crashed out on the couch and Shanni spent a while taking photos of strange things and being somewhat annoying until I suggested she go read her book.
She has a thick book and some new Lego to play with so she is happy.

Here are the 2 cousins – we were debating as to whether they are technically 2nd or 3rd cousins – in the ultimate scheme of things who really cares!!

It is still raining and cold.
I am going to venture out in the rental car in the morning – should be interesting – at least they drive on the same side of the road as we do at home – so that won’t be too scary!

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