A day at Healesville Sanctuary

We were up bright and early and left the house soon after 8am.
Bill dropped Maddy & Kira off so they could spend the day with Shanni.

We had a good drive out to Healesville Sanctuary. Took just over an hour from here.
It was quite cool when we got there but not raining so we put on our shoes and sox and jackets and ventured forth.
This was what greeted us at the gate.

then around the corner…
<a hPICT5967

We had a great day meeting all the Australian native animals.
Some I had never heard of before!

The girls enjoyed the kangaroos

We had an hour or two up our sleeve to visit before the sessions we wanted to see began. So we went to the Animal Hospital.
It is very state of the art stuff in there.
Most impressive.
Outside Shanni & Maddy tried a spot of rock climbing!

The display we really wanted to see was the ‘Birds of Prey’ show – so we made sure we were there in plenty of time.
It was great.
PICT5988 PICT5991 PICT6001

We were then entertained/taught about the didgerido and throwing the boomerang by Murrindindi, a local Wurrundjeri interpreter and storyteller. He was really good.

After that we went for a walk to find food and comfort stops then it was back to the arena for the ‘Parrots in Flight’ show.
That was also great.
Shanni loves birds so was in her element here.
PICT6007 PICT6014

We found all sorts of fun things during the many times we walked around the sanctuary trails.

A wallaby was very patient and lapped up the girls affection

We finally left around 4:30pm – the car was very quiet on the way back – I think the girls were plain tuckered out!

Jesika was only just home when we returned – she had ended up working all day.
We wandered down the the mall and had dinner at ‘The Pancake Parlour’ for a treat.
The girls found a funny mirror which occupied them for ages.

Then it was back home and final farewells before Jesika and I drove Maddy & Kira back home and Shanni toddled off to bed.

All in all it was a great day.
Rather wearying for me – pushing Mum’s wheel chair along the undulating trails was a mission at times – I haven’t managed to get to the gym since I got here but I think today made up for it!!!
It was good for Mum though – she would not have managed the amount of walking we did without the chair.

We have a few busy days coming up so I am off to bed now.
Love to all at home

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