Paperific etc

Today was the first day we could sleep in a bit later.
I was woken by a text at 5:15am and then again at 6:15am by Mahalia.
She knows the number off by heart now – all 13 digits – but unfortunately she doesn’t understand the time differences between home and here.
I was totally thrilled as you can imagine!!

We had breakfast down at the hotel.
Alex was the only chef on so he cooked us breakfast.
Jesika gave us a guided tour of the place.
Then we drove across the city to the Caulfield Raceway where Paperific was being held.

Jesika opted to sleep in the car so Granny, Shanni and & went in for a few hours.
It was fun.
Shanni enjoyed doing a make and take and watching the demos.
She is going home all inspired
PICT6041 PICT6042

I met up with my friend Narelle which was great.
Haven’t seen her in 4 years.

We drove on to Brighton and went to visit Bernie – where Jesika stayed when she first arrived in Melbourne.
It was lovely to meet Bernie and see where Jesika was based for all those months.
Shanni had to explore the upper room – a child’s delight!

She was also fascinated by the very old glass window – we had been studying windows etc in our unit and she remembered what we had read and talked about re the old glass being interesting to look through due to its irregularities.

We went down to the beach – it was threatening to rain again so we were all bundled up.
Jesika’s bedroom was the windows just above her head – Bernie’s apartment is the upstairs one just behind Jesika – the house was built in 1849 as a 13 room mansion.

The Beach boxes were what we wanted to see – they are so fun
PICT6052 PICT6063 PICT6060
Quite a contrast to see the mansions behind – funny thing it that the beach boxes command a similar price because of their rarity and location.


Shanni had fun on the beach
PICT6062 PICT6065

I had a doze in the lounge while dinner was being prepared – my early morning wake up calls had caught up with me and I could barely stay awake.

The sunset was glorious – we could watch it from the window as we ate


We are back home now – had a good day and are ready for a good nights sleep.

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