Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock was absolutely amazing.
I took so many photos – this is only a small selection.

It was cold and threatening to rain so we headed up the hill in our jackets. They didn’t stay on for too long though.
I so enjoyed getting out and working up a sweat.


THE Hanging Rock

PICT6118 PICT6120 PICT6123 PICT6128 PICT6129 PICT6131
The Summit


On our way down Shanni and I met up with Granny who had come up slowly behind us.


PICT6143 PICT6145
Found two love birds in the rocks!

Granny was rather puzzled by this sign.
She had not heard of rapelling!
You must admit it does look interesting to say the least

Jesika was eying up the rocks sadly as the signs said no climbing. When I explained to Jesika that No rapelling meant rock climbing with spikes and ropes and not bouldering she was up the side of the rocks in a flash.
I must admit I was rather censoring of her desire to get to the top – you cannot see in this photo what was below her!!@!

PICT6155 PICT6158 PICT6161

On the way back we drove through Macedon this lovely avenue of trees.

We had to fuel up and then head back to the city before rush hour
We were playing cat and mouse with this biker!

And then it was the corner of Canterbury and Springvale roads and the Clarion – very identifiable land mark after a week here – nearly home.

I then took Shanni shopping for some warmer pants and then we went up to the Stolks for a final visit.
She and Maddy were not wanting to part – it was very sad
Looks like Shanni now has a new pen friend – and thank goodness we have cheap calling to Australia from home

We are now all packed and ready to head off to Ballarat tomorrow morning.
Just have to take Granny to the medical centre to get the last of her stitches out.
Hopefully they will be ready to come out as she is getting sick of them.

Not too sure when I will next be able to update – depends on computer availability – been very spoilt here.

For those of you who have not heard of Hanging Rock you need to read the book or watch the movie which put this place into the international spotlight.

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