Sunday in Melbourne

We had breakfast at the Clarion Sunday morning.
Alex was chef on duty so Jesika and I had an Alex special omelette.
Shanni ordered everything!!

Then we headed into the city.
We had plans to go for a river cruise.
However every route Jesika wanted to take was blocked for some reason or other.
It was horrendous trying to get across the central city.
The main street was blocked off for some Run for Kids thing and so the traffic on the other streets was backed up something shocking.
I decided that I hate cities right then!!

We did a change of plans and went to Docklands instead.
That was cool – in all ways!
There was a MG concourse on.
There must have been about 200 MG cars of all ages there.
It was great.
PICT6076 PICT6079 PICT6080

Then Shanni spotted this bungy jumper and wanted to have a go.
I told her it was expensive and she had to really make the most of it.
PICT6088 PICT6089
She told me afterwards that it was worth every cent of the $10!!

We then found somewhere to have lunch.
We wished afterwards that we had chosen differently.
Slow wasn’t the word for the service.
We were getting rather worried because we were due at our cousins at 2pm.
It took 20mins for a waitress to NOT get our menus to us – I went and got them myself.
Then she came along and without batting an eyelid took our order.
I did say we were on a time frame and how long would it be.
She came back and said the chef said around 15mins.
Okay,so we will have some drinks while we wait.
Well, they took long enough to be delivered.
Then it must have been about half an hour before the meals arrived and then the chips and wedges were only luke warm.
We had to eat and run as it was 2pm before we got finished.
Certainly no tips left there and no recommendations to anyone.
In fact I came across a family wondering whether to go in and I suggested they might try somewhere else.
Only thing going for it was the back drop scenery

We then managed to find our way to Ascot Vale in excellent time to have afternoon tea with Tim’s cousin Andrew, Annette and wee Imogene.
PICT6091 PICT6093
She is such a poppet.
She has a baby brother arriving in a couple of months.
We so enjoyed our time with them all and were very glad we had made the effort to get there.

We then headed off into the sunset towards Macedon.
It was lovely to arrive at Alex’s mother and step father’s place and find the log fire going.
It was lovely and snug there.
Alex had already gotten there on his motorbike and was preparing dinner.

We enjoyed a very yummy roast beef dinner, then chatted and lazed around in front of the fire before heading off to bed for a good nights sleep.

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