Tim has been having problems with his back for the past few days.
He got up the last morning he was catering for the oil rig guys and it went out and he has been having trouble ever since.
It seems to be troubling him more when he is lying down so he is not sleeping very well at all.
This morning he was up at 5am because it was too sore to sleep.
I suggested he go hop in the spa.
That helped immensely.
So I joined him and we sat and chatted in the early morning light.
It really is great having that time to talk over things while we soak.
No interruptions – wonderful.

The rest of the day went very quietly.
Tim wasn’t really up to doing much.
He lay on the floor for a bit and pottered about doing not a lot.

Shanni wanted to learn how to play ‘Age of Empires’ so I asked Nathan if he would teach her. That went quite well – a good lesson in patience for Nate!!

Azzan decided he needed a foot spa so he filled it – right to the top – I had to bail out a few jugs full.
Then he sat and listened to some stories on the cd player while he soaked his feet.

Mahalia has been under going some disciplinary measures due to behavioural problems while I was away, so today she was writing letters of apology. She did well – so I hope the lessons are being learned and remembered.

I am engrossed in a book at the moment – so have spent more than a few moments reading today.
In between that I have folded up all the sheets and duvet covers.
I decided that I may as well have a big sort out and re arrange my linen cupboards while they were half empty.
This was before I got to do all the double/queen/king sheets and duvets!
I have 3 linen cupboards and I have decided to streamline things a bit. Hope it works-!!
At the moment I know where everything is but others don’t so I am always re-positioning when others do the washing.

I still have a mountain of pillow cases to sort and fold up – but that will wait till tomorrow.

I asked Nathan to top up the spa as it was getting a bit low. He forgot the hose and went off to help Tim with moving the last of the beds back into the Cottage. Azzan discovered it as it was overflowing. He helped bail some water out and then decided he needed a spa.

Shanni watched ‘The Sound of Music’ this arvo – that is one movie that I never tire of watching and singing along with.

We had a delicious roast of mutton for dinner and afterwards were chatting over the map of Australian train journeys I bought home when the big people all arrived back from their Golden Bay trip. They were all tired so ate dinner and cleaned up quickly and then all headed off early to their beds.

I am going to find my book and go meet my pillow.
The book I am reading is pretty intense – ‘Broken’ by Shy Keenan.

But I must tell you about another book that I bought at the Perth terminal before I left Australia.
It is only available in Australia at the moment although if you go to her website constanttrek you can buy it online.

It is called ‘Slow Journey South’ by Paula Constant.
I couldn’t put it down.
It is about an Australian woman who decided to walk through Africa.
She is doing it in stages.
The first stage is what the book is written about – from Trafalgar Square in London to Morocco.
Man-!! It’s a good read.
I hope that Amazon will accept it soon.
She apparently has to sell enough within Australia before Amazon will look at listing it.
I can’t wait for her 2nd book

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  1. Hi Raewyn  :o)  Re: the linen cupboards. I’ve never had to deal with 3 linen cupboards, or maybe I should say that I haven’t had to deal with it yet , but inside our 1 linen cupboard we have a map of the cupboard (Bill printed it up on the computer) which shows which shelves things go on and whereabouts on each shelf too. Could be worth trying something like that? Maybe if each cupboard had a map of it’s own particular layout and a list of things stored in the other 2 cupboards (to help people resist the temptation to stash something in the wrong place!)
    Just a random thought!!
    Lotsaluv, Marion

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