A super busy busy day

Thursday – I had planned a bbq with friends around for dinner.
to quote Robbie Burns
‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley’ – in otherwords they always go right out the window!!!

Especially when there is a good forecast and the crew wants to go camping/hunting/fishing around D’Urville Island.

Can’t say I blame them – but – anyway, I made a couple of calls, postponed the bbq till Sunday – so all’s good.

But – I said to Tim, we have to get The Croft and The Cottage cleaned and ready BEFORE you go because we have guests arriving.

So, everyone pitched in and stuff happened.

Jesika & Mahalia popped around to The Croft and got it ready.
Tim, Alex & Nathan did The Cottage.
Shanni cleaned up her bedroom and Jesika remade the beds cuz I had friends coming to stay while they were away camping.
Jesika packed all of the camping food and the children helped her to get all the camping gear ready.
Alex brought down several loads of wood.
Mahalia & Azzan tidied their room – well sort of
Shanni vacuumed her room and the living room and swept the kitchen and organised her birds and buried Henry. Her musical wee canary was killed by a weka a couple of days ago so she found a special spot under an orange tree).
I carried on with the linen cupboard, stripped our bed (time for winter sheets) did the washing and generally cracked the whip!
Cat & Anna sorted out issues, packed their gear and then they were on their way.
By this time it was after midday and the wee folk were getting hungry so I made muffins and pushed them all out the door.
The waiting for them to all go is a bit tedious sometimes – they always take such a long time to leave-!!

I enjoyed the last of the afternoon sun and folded some of the washing at the line while chatting to Graham.
Then I carried on with remaking our bed, tidying up the washhouse and kitchen etc.

My guests – Richard and Helen arrived mid-afternoon.
We had a lovely cuppa and chat. Graham came and joined us for a while.
It is nice he is back home again after nearly 8 months away.
Then Richard and Helen went for a walk and I got dinner ready.

It is such fun cooking for just a few – I made a delicious chicken casserole, with salad, rice and corn on the cob. I also made banana caramel for dessert. That is indescribably yummy!

We had a very companionable dinner and chatted our way through the evening. Richard and Helen insisted on doing the dishes – who am I to argue on that score? I continued folding and sorting the pillow cases – I have enough for Africa, so I was sorting them into piles of those that match sheets and duvets and then the random ones and then the others that I really honestly do not want – they will go in a corner for Nathan to use for his hangi’s. He needs them to put the meat and vegetables in and as he really enjoys and he does do a great hangi it will be a well used pile.

Shanni asked me to load her photos onto the computer and I found these delightful ones which really encapsulate my boy. I love it – Azzan is so into dancing and loves to wear this wee green dress over his shorts. Shanni really caught the mood here.
IMG_0369 IMG_0374

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