A pleasant day

I emerged from my bed well rested and ready for a lovely restful, peaceful day around 7am.

Richard and Helen were up soon after and then when Graham came by in his boat he took them for a quick trip up to Waterfall Bay.
While they were gone I hung out washing and put away most of the pillowcases.
Just for fun I counted them – I have over 160.
Needless to say I am biffing a large number of them, but still have well over 100 in the cupboard.

When they returned we enjoyed a delicious breakfast together – poached eggs & hash browns with toast and vegemite.
Then they had to leave as they had a long way to go and several visits to make on their way to the ferry.
Richard had taken such a liking to our picturesque cabbage tree I had to get a pic of them under it.

Once they had gone I decided to blob for a while.
So I sat down to watch ‘Hilary & Jackie’.
I was totally engrossed in it when I got a text from Bri asking me to call her.
So I did. She is enjoying life in Australia so it was good to hear all about it.

It started to spit with rain so I tore out and got all the washing in and finished it off in the dryer.
Then the sun came out-!!

At 1pm it was time for the mailboat so I went for a wander down to the wharf.
The water was so clear – you could easily see the bottom and the jelly fish floating amongst the odd bit of debris.

The mailboat came steaming across the bay
it was a beautiful day – sunny, calm and serene.
The house looked cosy in the afternoon sunlight with the smoke from our wood fires curling up into the sky.

I headed back into the warmth of the living room to open the mail.
I sat down to finish watching the movie and Herb arrived, so he joined me to watch the end.
It was an extremely moving story – one which was very close to home as my sister-in-law died had multiple sclerosis and died only a month after Jacqueline du Pré at a similar age.

Once it had finished I got onto getting dinner ready for the troops. Herb gave me a hand which was great.
They got back from the camping trip around 6pm.
They had had a wonderful time and were all blissfully weary.
No deer this time, but lots of fish.
I will extract photos from the various cameras to share with you once the have all had a chance to rest up tonight.

Sebastian arrived back from work tonight – he has been on the boat for quite a while and has been working some very long days – yesterday he said they did 19 hours – so is needing some sleep and motherly TLC methinks.

Anson is on his way home now – he will be late but he has already text ahead requesting a gang of musterers for an early morning muster. He is wanting to get the sheep in and shorn before he leaves for Sardinia at the end of next week.

I am off to have a spa and get to bed as it looks like we are in for a few more busy days – what’s new?

4 thoughts on “A pleasant day

  1. Hey, I’m doing some “spring cleaning”, and came across the book I promised you.  Tuesdays with Morrie.  Would you still like it?  Could you email me if you’d still like it?  If not, I’m just going to take it to a resale shop or something.  I’m trying to make room for some new books that will be arriving soon.  Email your address if you still want the book.  I don’t think I have it in my email file.  I hope you are doing well….sounds like you had a great trip!

  2. OOOOH OHHH I LOVE mussels!  My DH is allergic to all shellfish, although he loves it terribly.  I love almost everything from the sea, but I don’t eat shellfish around my DH because it would be unfair.

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